Lu Songsong what kind of online ads attract people

17 Jul 2017 admin

network advertising is different from traditional media advertising, traditional advertising is released what users only see what advertising content, but the network advertisement is different, if you don’t love this advertisement can use the browser, the system optimization software to screen these ads. Network advertising is characterized by the number of audiences can be accurate statistics, advertising can change in accordance with the needs of advertising content, a strong interaction and sensory, network advertising costs and so on.

one point, network advertising in general has two kinds of people.

the first kind, accidentally wrong point. Believe that most users do not like to watch advertising, but because of the interaction of the network, there will still be a very large number of people will be online advertising content as a click. Among them, the website induces the user to click the advertisement to occupy the very big proportion.

second is really want to see advertising content. These people are generally interested in the content of the ad network, or meet his needs, he will click on the Internet advertising. And this kind of person is also a valuable potential customer.

seize these two types of advertising crowd, seriously study how to advertise, so that these two types of people click on advertising, I believe that the unit price of online advertising will be higher.

two, what kind of online ads are attractive,


1 should be consistent with the content and behavior of the user.

this is the most basic network advertising requirements, actually a lot of product advertising has already done this, such as Baidu keyword advertising, semantic analysis Google Adsense can realize the relevance of advertising according to the analysis of user behavior. But Lu Songsong found that many websites, especially technical websites, had lost weight of Ali mothers’ union. If you’re working on the Google Adsense ad League, carefully set up the Gg AD to meet the content requirements of your site.

2, the power of online advertising comes from constant repetition.

do you like Lu Songsong, you will see a very creative advertising in network advertisement, to your surprise, but when you turn off the computer, and then recall the ad will expose confused eyes? Maybe you just remember to turn off the computer, Sina, NetEase. For example, the Spring Festival this year, the "twelve zodiac Hengyuanxiang advertising" in the destruction of a large number of audience’s visual and auditory nerve every day. This "the most vulgar advertising" even though you don’t love it, but you still remember him. If you do the site’s direct advertising, if you want to create value for advertisers, please continue to increase his advertising exposure. But not the full screen of the same kind of advertising, but at different times and different locations of the same type of network advertising.

3: users are most attentive to reading text ads.


sees a picture of a website, a user who practices it will think it’s an ad, and maybe the eyeballs will only stay for two seconds. But what if you put text?