A5 webmaster B2B website operation training experience dry sharing

17 Jul 2017 admin

participated in the A5 webmaster network second period B2B website operation training, my mood is still more excited, or even excited. First of all, we must thank A5 for providing a powerful and dry training platform. Thanks also to the instructor, Liu Pu, for sharing and patient guidance. Liu himself has extensive experience in Internet operation, teaching is really meticulous, patient and enthusiastic, there are also a lot of dry sharing in the course. Let me really realize that teaching fish is better than giving fish. And finally thank the passion of the children’s shoes, laonie, Ding Sheng, thank you for sharing in the group, and common progress.

through this B2B website operation training, harvest huge. Sometimes a class can not digest, but also after class practice to understand and master. Our team is currently running a B2B industry site, operating in the process there have been many problems, so the teacher Liu is timely assistance. Well, today to share your experience and to participate in training after summing up some of the experience, I hope to build your industry B2B platform to do my bit. Well, get to the point.

B2B industry overview

as everyone knows, the rapid development of the Internet, such as Alibaba’s comprehensive B2B site is basically saturated, but the vertical professional B2B website has ushered in opportunities for development, it will also become the future of the B2B market after strength. Therefore, we are now going to do it, not too late, and now do, is the first opportunity, adhere to it is successful!


statistics show that industry websites are growing at dozens of times a day, and the momentum is growing rapidly. According to Matthew effect, the final surviving profit is only about three. At the same time, because of the initial stage of development, the present situation is relatively complicated, chaotic, and low in standardization. Therefore, we need to take a formal, professional, brand attitude to operate the website, improve competitiveness.

profit model

we want to clear our operation of this website, you take the time to spend money to do this site is why? Ask yourself, for the money, then the money come from? In order to the development of the industry, what is the development of the industry? For the capital market, how can the capital market? We must through the decomposition of the way to set the profit model, the industry website B2B problems is the business model of a single, mostly to get traffic through SEO extension method, which uses the advertising model. So, how do we set a profit target, or combine the Internet and industry development to go the right way?. Here are some tips for you:

initial stage, that is, within 5 years, we can adopt the "member + advertising" mode, this part is mainly to accumulate industry members, because with the member, it has most of the resources of this industry;

medium term, we can do more promising online trading platform, because through initial accumulation, we have a certain number of members, you can buy and sell products. But we must consider the reliability of the product in doing online transactions