Baidu K what are you doing after you

17 Jul 2017 admin

believe that many webmaster have web site by Baidu K energy, I also webmaster online search for some information about Baidu K station, everyone said is better. Say here today, my station was Baidu K, what am I doing?.

, a song and dance duet for me. The website was made at the beginning of the year. I personally like the song and dance duet. I feel more interesting than watching a sketch or comic dialogue. So they are looking at online video, MP3, 3GP, find the video download, it is no exaggeration to say that at that time I was on the dance duet possessed, I often go to the Baidu search, Youku, 6 rooms, is the thunderbolt download, I can go to a place of times, also recently collected the relevant information and a lot of video data. It made a meal, and later a friend said love you so why don’t you come to collect things on a website to share with others, let the same people avoid love Errenzhuan like you in the online search to search for. I heard this suggestion well, so I put all the information or video I collected into my station. I didn’t realize that it would be less than a month before someone came to see my stuff. Later, more and more people, I have more identification of the service and everyone and their confidence. So I come back every night and send out the latest video or downloaded address that I see that day, and share it with people I share. Later, I sorted out some recent information and celebrity information. Anyway, I was trying to satisfy my fans and fans. The station also in me and everyone’s support is more popular, the truth can be what web interface is rubbish, but the content I diligently update, so visitors like me and also so care interface, and concentrate on the website content.

do not know so engaging in the good times don’t last long, two days before I found my website system hardly what traffic, I look at the collection of Baidu under the guidance of a friend, but I found that the site is Baidu K, I wondered at the time, I was a gathering for Errenzhuan the data themselves and others, a conscientious person do website content. Feel very bad, especially in my friends under the guidance of some of the Ali mother, advertising also gave me a seal, said my station data traffic abnormalities, advertising two months. To tell you the truth, this one is nothing, as long as my station can be browsed by more people. That’s what I’m most happy about. After all, I’m an amateur who serves as a station.

at present, my station was closed to Baidu, but I still update my station, I believe that as long as I update someone will see, because the update is my greatest joy, of course, and also brought me a lot of laughter. "Baidu K me," he said when he spoke to his friend. "It’s a glorious thing. It shows that Baidu is loving you.". I said you do not tease me, regardless of Baidu K not K me, I will update some of my recent collection of song and dance related information.

I like to be happy and be a happy and comfortable amateur website. Originally wanted to send out the website, but afraid everybody says me >