Let Baidu stop the station to restore the flow of the past

17 Jul 2017 admin

last year bought Marx, so, a happy, on the same data template, similarly, a movie station, done on the same server, think that Baidu can included more traffic!


who knows, in less than two months, Baidu blocked my server IP, so the site fell into the water tank, cold,

although very sad, but it can not be turned off, you do not turn off, and have to pay the server costs, so I think of a way,

, I keep on updating everyday,

then I put some switching chains into the empty ad position so that one of my IP can be converted into multiple IP, because there is a simultaneous exchange of multiple chains, so there are more than one IP!


analyze the exchange chain!


www.linkpage.cn says it’s sending 1W cents, but actually the 1W score is the base, and it doesn’t digest,

www.is686.com in general, do not send points

www.7clink.com is not bad, it has been on, three points per day, about 8000 points, 1W points into the

www.02link.com joined to send 200 points, the flow is better, the chain is clean,


www.zizhu.cc, the best quality of a station! The effect is better,


that’s it. I still have nearly 1-2W IP per station per day now,

is best not to let go of the pop-up, pay attention to the user experience!


well, that’s it. I hope you’ll get more traffic,