Do five types of data analysis to create a first class website

17 Jul 2017 admin

professional SEOer in the pre site, will do a thorough data analysis report, analysis of the status of self and analysis of competitors in the same industry, specific to do what?

1, competition intensity of keyword analysis


in the website must have a detailed plan of the key table, for example to do core keywords, do the above statistics, judge the key difficulty of the competition, the degree of difficulty of keywords ranking, then according to the configuration of the team itself, the statistics of each key word to row to the first page of the time. Finally, in line with the status quo, the optimization of the intensity of keywords to make appropriate adjustments.

Keywords: A

such as large flow but fierce competition degrees, although the B keyword flow point, but the competition is moderate, according to their own situation to get some traffic in the shortest period of time can make B keywords, if the company can do the bidding, bidding optimization combination.

2, analysis of competitors in the same industry

in the website, will participate in peer competition, how can we in the competition in the industry to get big profits, you need to do the same industry competitors analysis.


Analysis of the same industry competitors

, can know the gap between itself and the web site clear, how long does it take to go beyond, but of the same opponents are not just above, also includes a rival site layout, and SEO optimization analysis of reasonable degree, only to provide a reference.

if the opponent site layout is not reasonable, the optimization is very bad, the time is not long, so we can not hesitate over him in the shortest period of time, but the optimization is very good, there is time for a long time, enjoy a good reputation in the industry, want more than the opponent in a short period of time is a this is a very difficult thing, we need to use other strategies, such as optimization of the long tail word, find their blank area, occupy a space for one person.

Analysis of

3 and key words

reasonable analysis of keywords, you can find the focus of the site optimization direction, and the layout of the site keyword rationality,

, like me, divide the keywords into categories,


because different keywords have different conversion rates, we can classify keywords. Detailed classification according to the industry, so that we can get a detailed keywords list. In doing website optimization, first from the conversion rate of the words to do optimization, so that you can enhance the maximum volume.

4, daily data on their own website statistics