How should a local talent station be operated by an example

17 Jul 2017 admin

losers have their failures, but winners are the same. A short sentence can explain many things. The reason why there is such a feeling, because the surrounding have a lot of friends often say NO to some not tried things like their recruitment industry website, since operating after the crisis, qianchengwuyou performance decline, many people began to badmouth the industry, said the industry has no go to the money. I think this view is somewhat limited, because what the industry has to make money and lose money, the key lies in how to operate, in the combination of my own website to introduce experience, not just preaching, communication, because I am also a grassroots webmaster.

my site management to the present, has covered about seventy percent share of local area network recruitment, has made such achievements, because I give the definition of recruitment website, pay special attention to the word efficiency. In order to achieve this goal, I joined "a word in the recruitment website, recruitment information will be in the form of Title simple presentation, because this is a fast-paced society, everyone wants to get their most want to know in the shortest time information, so for some relatively low requirements the position, I will use this form, can improve the site’s efficiency, and can improve the popularity, after all, the low-end users is the main crowd two or three line talent recruitment website, we should pay attention to this point.

second, when operating in the local talent website, student resources must be noticed, because as the employment demand and to accept new things ability groups, they are basic web site for a long time there, so I will be very prominent parts of website to provide part-time recruitment services, mainly concentrated in the face of the crowd the classmates, most of which is the work of leaflets, promotions and other simple work, for students to better accept. But when these work, we must ensure the accuracy of billing information timely, after all the students to pay very attention, so it cannot be lost, will be ready to bring a large number of repeat site.

The following

will talk about the problem of profitability, for profit, but I like most since sites that provide advertising and membership value-added services, also can be extended, because I understand that as a webmaster more than two kinds of means to make money cannot provide long-term support for the development of the website, so I in the home side bar join the training, research, exit procedures and other services, some of their own business, the other is to cooperate with others to get commission.

here are some of the features of my website. Besides, there are several operational points that require your attention.

1 local stations to rely on contacts is relatively large, so the line to communicate with friends, like running like insurance, will take the initiative to recommend to their posts, to form a good atmosphere of the recruitment website, don’t wait for you to your site looking for work, the brand.