10 years and 2 Wangzhuan upsurge passing

17 Jul 2017 admin

has been very regret, and the 2 upsurge of Wangzhuan pass, but I believe that I will not miss the next time! What his experience.


itself is the design, from the beginning of 1999 contact web design, then this is really not much, remember to do a website for the qware computer, but also earned 1000 yuan, good, even in the mad rub a few meal.

officially graduated in September of 99 and left the University. The information was rich in soil, and he lived a career as an office worker. Suddenly one day, and students contact, just know he began to rely on the site to make money. At that time, I was surprised to know that I would probably apply for advertising and make money by clicking on it. Austria, right away, at that time free space is everywhere, advertising also supports free space, so vigorous began. My classmate at that time every day 4-5 Wan flow, hang up a connection in him, very easy, every day also have a 3-4 thousand stream of traffic, at that time popular list, also hang up, anyway how to flow, how to get?. It was not long before I realized that my ad was coming. When I was 8848 to 1000 yuan, I refused to pay for it. It was a bad website, and it fell down. Anyway, busy for a few months, the domestic advertising did not receive a penny, 2 foreign advertising revenue came, remember, as if there is a goto search to $40, an ad in Hongkong to 100 Hong Kong dollars. Soon the foreign advertising does not support the Chinese website, immediately feel Wangzhuan come to an end, will slowly give up update. My classmates because of traffic, and timely make a transition study, by the American fancy, signed a 1 year contract, earn a lot. But as the entire online advertising industry is gloomy, it hasn’t lasted much longer. I don’t know if our friends of this age still remember a website called "waterfall".

so I missed the first wave of wangzhuan.

, after a few years, fell in love and got married. One day, or the students, online chat, and now very popular with people. Go to Google search, just know, Admin5, out of station, watching many days webmaster story, see roaring columns for a new batch of stationmaster story, once again let me a thorough cooling of Wangzhuan hearts again excited. Go ahead, to study CMS system, the new div+css format, not feeling the current network environment is good, that is the pure manual update, the tired! I study almost, the Wangzhuan have changed, the Union message was cleaned up, Ali mother calm, Google localization the.

well, it looks like you’ve missed another big wave.

but, from the lessons I have missed in the 2 wave, I see that what I lack is persistence. If I had… Then, ha ha, this regret sentence would not happen to me again. I’ve decided to take it seriously