After the Baidu K how did get it to include thirty thousand pages again

17 Jul 2017 admin

first explained here, although my film site was established in December 07, so far has half a year. But I think I still belong to the ranks of rookie webmaster. At that time I was bored and wanted to play a website. Spent 300 yuan to buy a Marx movie program, so it can be said that the "confused" become a so-called webmaster.

website just started, I did not think of any SEO, just hope that Baidu can be included in the OK. Memory was included in the Baidu is 2 months later, the beginning is dozens of pages, slowly, up to thousands of pages. As a rookie webmaster I saw this kind of situation, the heart is also a time of happiness.

was a better understanding of the site has been the friend asked me, why not do SEO optimization? Or why not do a keyword? I was naive, I asked him a SEO what? Then I accepted his proposal, made a key word. Sure enough, when Baidu new round of updates, I that keyword actually ranked in Baidu’s first page of the second, and therefore brought a relatively more traffic before. Can not help but to a chuckle, really nice feeling that friends, the keyword function is nice.

originally I thought my small station will therefore enter the conscience development, even can do the beautiful dream to be able to make the small money time, but unexpectedly one day goes to the Baidu site once, actually is K’s left home page. Although that keyword or in Baidu weight is very high, but only included a home page, I really feel bad. So I waited, and so on, I hope Baidu can re included my station. As a result, needless to say, included is still no audio. No matter how I manually add data, no matter how I abandon the collection, every day to maintain updates, but Baidu uncle is not bird me.

this situation lasted for nearly a few months, a few months I can not remember, anyway, in a very long period of time, site, is still a home page.

but the station has already been done. It’s impossible to sit down like this. Then I start looking for the reason. Every day standing in the webmaster BBS, look at this experience, see that analysis, and finally come to a few reasons. To sum up, Marx is now the first free, the movie station began to spread, repeated data countless, Baidu is certainly not included; the second is that I do keyword trace is too heavy, Baidu does not K you K? The solution is only one, is not to rely on that key removed, add data acquisition, manual.

, but I can’t be reconciled. I can say that the traffic at that time of my website basically depends on that keyword. I’m really reluctant to call it away. I was determined to make your Baidu accept, as long as I left home, I will not withdraw that key! You naiwo ah?. Of course, this is only the heart of the words, although the heart said so, but was Baidu included more pages, which webmaster do not want to?