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17 Jul 2017 admin



wrote an article "a series of forums operations (the content is king is cheating)" article, get a good response in some Adsense nets, urge me to finish operation forum series of articles, write about today at the forum in the operation of another important role "moderator". Thank you for your continued attention.

The development of

forum depends on moderator,

has read a lot about the operation of the forum before, and many experts say that the development of the forum depends on the moderators. In fact, this statement is also very misleading.

believe that we all know that the separation of the three powers, legislation, justice, administration should be separated. Most of the current forums, the current moderator system, moderator Trinity, the problem is normal, the power without supervision, who will abuse. In this sense, the forum relies on moderators, is unreliable. The second development of the forum, not by the moderator, is based on the core members, community / forum is a prerequisite for a stable society, a healthy functioning of the society, is a stable middle class (also called the well-off family in a harmonious society). Finally, if there is a good system, what the moderators actually do is volunteer work, that is, the so-called volunteers.

way: as far as I know, in the industry is only seowhy a forum management mechanism, similar to the separation of the three powers such as the moderator, information supervision team, administrators, and other management and inspection system.


pays two

to the moderators

before, a friend asked me, said he saw some BBS in the moderator to send money, ask me, if he also give his moderator salary, will it be better?. I am determined to stop him, said I know a few gold forum and forum moderator, moderator on a willow The Strip, this man is doing real estate planning, just one case has more than one hundred thousand of the income, do you think we should give how much salary? There is a version of parent-child forum calling Maomao dad, this person is the Mercedes Benz 4S shop owner, you think him how much money wages? High quality moderators, have an important role on the forum, but high quality not only talented and moderators, money, don’t need your wages.

of course not all moderators are rich, straitened moderators give money should not? Be able to initiate salary forum, should at least be a medium-sized forum, and the most terrible is the forum most are personal and business operations of the team. According to the 1 lowest forum in 10 sections, each section is calculated 3 moderators, are 30 moderators! Each moderator monthly 1000 yuan, is 30 thousand yuan, which in a startup, is also not a small investment, the problem is 1000 yuan per month. After the hand, the quality of work will become the moderator poor. We can think about now is 1000 yuan 2 meal, "