Community operation from 0 to 1 step by step onslaught reveal the community operation used to play

17 Jul 2017 admin

the author will combine the actual case of ground gas and rich practical content, step by step from 0 to 1 to show the community play.

in 2015, the beginning of the first year of society, the concept of community has been in the north, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities above the line, bombing spread. With the hottest 2017 keyword: content entrepreneurship, the popularity of video start-ups, people are increasingly aware that content is king’s community is a hidden trend.

previous business model are fundamental to the channel is king, you know the channel information, you have the right to speak; now the business model is the era of content is king, before everything is Internet break up, everyone can become a propaganda channel, everyone is a creator of content. Now the channel has become known as a media platform (double micro, today’s headlines, Baidu hundred, big number); now, becoming more and more valuable quality, directly urged the arrival of the era of Internet charges.

trend of high-speed development, will inevitably lead to industry chain thinking. About community positioning, community framework building, recruitment and operation of community members, and community realisation and maintenance…… In order to facilitate a better understanding, we will combine the actual case of ground gas column and rich practical operation content, step by step from 0 to 1 show community play.

1. Vertical positioning of community

what is vertical positioning, simply speaking, focuses on a vertical field?. Such as the mother and baby community, the drawing community, the lawyer community, and the music community…… Most people build communities by starting a hobby or good field of their own or a team. In this way, the target population is relatively clear, the operation may be easier to use. Just imagine, if you are a mother, the establishment of the main community maternal and child products, every day you write about "family education", "baby care" in this regard, a mother saw, will focus first on your community, you recommend products, she will give priority to.

fragmented mobile Internet era, the whole society will show social development of all walks of life. Initially set up a community brand, in order to locate, we have made a preliminary investigation and knowledge reserves of the first half of the year. (online, video, audio, and all of the related communities are read over and over, taking notes, analyzing, meeting, discussing, offline, real user surveys, listening again, meeting again…… )

Before the

operation in community, you must have this community thinking: in the direction of the accurate positioning of the case, as far as possible the present vertical development, your community more vertical, the stronger the user’s sense of belonging. This is also determined by people’s consumer psychology: material needs mainly, spiritual and cultural needs as a supplement.

from this point of view, communities can be divided into two broad categories:

The primary products of resource type

material oriented community, depend on the solid quality resources, service your membership, members spend a small amount of money to buy good.