Seriously alert to keyword attacks

24 Jul 2017 admin

keyword attack, I have not found this phrase on line. Well, I might be the inventor of the phrase. Keywords attack, by means of a non natural flow to a large number of keywords click competitors’sites, create an illusion of competitors cheating in the search engine statistics, so that the competitor’s website by the search engine service providers.


Yan Lake left bank daily average of about 10-20 IP from search engine keyword "paper planes", January 13, 2009, the key source of IP reached number 129 related keywords "paper airplane folding", "paper airplane folding", "Southern paper airplane" access number reached 82, 36, 16 in January 14, 2009, the number of IP sources; the keyword reached 706, related keywords "paper airplane folding", "paper airplane folding", "Southern paper airplane" access number reached 251, 112, 23. After two days, key words "paper airplanes" and related keywords no longer bring any traffic.


There are many posts on the left bank of

lake, which contain the key words "paper airplanes", and two of them are

1. Folding of several paper airplanes.

address Tid=880


two, paper jets have been gaining momentum recently,

address Tid=1138


because the title contains "paper planes", and our forum title contains the keyword "southern", so when someone searches for "paper planes" or "Southern paper airplane", we get better search rankings.

China Southern Airlines also has a forum supported by the school Youth League – Southern Airlines paper aircraft, because the server in the school (Education Network), and therefore can not get the attention of search engines. So, often people search "China Southern paper airplane" when entering our website. About this, I talked to Huang Chao, the paper airplane chief. Of course, joke. I talked to Huang briefly a few times and didn’t think the attack was started by him.

so, who will launch a "key attack" on our website? I guess, soon there will be a net is called "paper planes" website, and the website owners can use all evil and injustice means to attack competitors.


, if I’m really the first discoverer of keyword attack, I’m honored. I want to remind you webmaster, beware of villains,


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