Website analysis talk about how to carry out the work of user experience

24 Jul 2017 admin


user experience is a very important link in the Internet product design; how to promote the development of user experience, I will introduce the user experience aspects need to do, through these steps we will be able to enhance our design products to meet user demand.

user research

designed user experience questionnaires, including basic user behavior, product usage, user attitudes, usability evaluation, user group background and other information.

can conduct extensive research through online questionnaires and other means of

User Research Report

includes the analysis of questionnaire data after finishing, the formation of individual assessment conclusions, including user group (analysis of user behavior, attitude, background, use), customer demand, customer satisfaction etc..

The purpose of the research is to help

users to investigate user interaction designers and related use of the scene, in order to have a deep understanding of the (mainly including the model of psychological and behavior patterns when the user uses the), which provides the basis for the subsequent design of good

user interview

1, through the small range interview, collects the user’s opinion and the actual situation or the question which may exist in the process of using, finally summarizes the analysis conclusion for the user interview report.

2, the designer must be good if a good user test and interview personnel, do interviews to design ideas to consider the user said, with the design that look to find users behind said the implied meaning, and have a strong logical thinking to finish, and quickly the reaction is steady, accurate, ruthless.

3, the purpose of user interviews is to assist the designer to understand the user’s habits and background.


operations analysis

1, according to the analysis of website operation and user behavior data collected, and found the law, summarize the overall site operation, user group and behavior model, and the corresponding user experience index, forming operation data evaluation conclusion.

2, the analysis object in product development and maintenance, content management, customer management, sales and service of user service, found the problems associated with the user experience of operation, organization, processes and tools, such as KPI, IT and employee ability, tools and operation problems of dimension analysis, and analyze the reasons and suggestions are given

user test


1, user testing is the process of observing typical users using a product, and finally summarizing the problems found in the testing process in the submitted user test report and giving suggestions for improvement. The process includes:


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