Cn domain name new station Baidu 14 days rapid included

25 Jul 2017 admin

     from the Jiaxing plant network station that day on June 17th (the day I can search for articles written in admin, the name, taught you how to create a profitable local plant network (Part I)) morning to start construction site, 3 p.m. how about to write the article, to discuss the problem with you, and want to let Baidu through Admin5 climbed into my station. 6.17 start to 6.30 official included, spent 14 days, of course, the number 17 is included.

Baidu included not difficult, as long as we work here with us that experience, or that sentence, these words are my one type of master, if not love can not see, some people are still not willing to teach the experience of message curse, I almost don’t want to write anything.

generally speaking, CN domain name is not easy to include, Baidu included in the time is about 20 days, this is a conventional theory, but the facts proved that as long as the good, you can break this idea.

1 do the content of the site, this need not say, no, you let Baidu included what, when of course and content should pay attention to modify the title, as I plant network can only modify the title content can not be changed, if you are the other station content can also be modified properly.

2 quality outside, that is, by eloquence, let others and your new station do connection. Of course, you can also buy some, when the connection is a little tired, first check each other’s PR value and included, otherwise, the other side is clay Bodhisattva, you do the connection is useless ah.

3 soft Wen, this is very important, Admin5 is a good platform, write seriously, the editor will pass, just like I these articles, every is seriously write, do not copy any word, so the editor will certainly pass.

4 to GOV or EDU at the end of the domain name in the forums, the effect is good, but not too much ah, the title is different each time.

5 Baidu products, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know Baidu Post Bar or that sentence, don’t send too many things, oh!

I hope everyone can succeed, no matter how much you earn, welcome to discuss with me about the operation of QQ:1017957817! By the way, yesterday, I received a call from a friend of the workshop network in Shandong and I discussed the operation of the workshop network. I hope more friends will contact me and make money together, ha ha!

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