Construction process of primary and secondary school mathematics teaching resources website

25 Jul 2017 admin

network education and teaching in China can be divided into three stages:

in the last century at the end of 90s, with the popularity of the WWW, personal website development, tens of thousands more, but due to manpower and material constraints, are generally small scale, the quality is not high, soon to today the rest of the emerge of itself and perish of itself, is not a few.

in 2003, "SARS" outbreak, professional teaching website once again rise, this time all kinds of teaching website construction have official support, quality and scale have improved greatly. But most of them are comprehensive websites, which are professionally produced by the information technology staff, and often pursue the art, layout and so on, and their subjects are not professional.

, due to the dynamic website and teachers’ ability, the teachers can do some of the larger sites, some of the resources, inquiry, guide students to learn the discipline website emerge, has a strong practical value.

my co – worker ‘ free math resource network’ was done at the end of 2005. Lasted for several years, click rate has been at the forefront of similar sites, loved by peers and attention. We exchange ideas and processes and lessons learned.

one, station establishment thought

1. resource function

development of information technology has brought a revolutionary influence to the education, multimedia assisted teaching has become an important teaching method in mathematics teaching, it plays an important role in improving the teaching efficiency and facilitate the creation of mathematics ideal situation, put forward a very high request but also to shoulder the heavy task of teaching the teacher. Teachers want to use computer assisted instruction, not only to skillfully operate the computer, but also have to learn all kinds of multimedia production software. This has restricted the application of information technology in the classroom for a long time. The station should provide a large number of excellent courseware and materials for teachers, so that teachers can choose them directly and avoid repeated work done by all of us.

the concept of mathematics curriculum in the formula and experiment, analyzes from different angles: mathematical phenomena, life applications and other papers were collected around, and for teacher preparation, student learning resources.

2. exchange function

mathematics teachers in the curriculum reform, there are a lot of good experience, there are a lot of confusion; learning is often encounter various problems, the website can play the advantage of the network to establish a large national communication platform. Everyone can talk about their own teaching experience, or can be evaluated by others.

3. seminar function


website can set up the topic at any time according to the need, carry on the network exchange and the discussion.

two, site construction process

1. builds the soft and hard foundation


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