A small woman is not as successful as Baidu

28 Jul 2017 admin

as we all know, website optimization means building a website, and then let the site’s main keywords and long tail keywords have rankings, and then get traffic from Baidu, so as to achieve a profitable marketing means. But we also know, Baidu bidding always ranks in front of the natural ranking website, even if you ranked first, may not be clicked, no traffic. But the cost is time, and the investment of money is the salary of the optimized staff. There is no direct online consumption.

then is the website traffic, website optimization ranking is to get traffic from Baidu, Baidu promotion (Baidu bid) is likely to let Baidu website real convertible volume discount. Then how should we do? There is no one thought to get traffic from Baidu, why do we? Why not avoid Baidu for a more direct way? You have to say, which is Chinese so easy ah, Baidu search engine Baidu boss, traffic accounted for according to the site to flow in eighty percent we can only rely on the optimization ranking or bidding to get traffic. But do you know why you can’t put all your eggs in one basket,


below for everyone to introduce several do not rely entirely on optimizing Baidu rankings and access to traffic methods:

first: build your own brand. In fact, it is also very simple, that is, to reduce the jump out rate, increase user viscosity, so that users remember your brand words and web site. As a result, the amount of traffic directly accessed from the brand name and the URL is greatly increased (of course, you’ll find how important a domain name is at this time). The following is the classic case:

can clearly see through the figure above, 39.32% of the site’s PV comes from direct access, 39.21% from Baidu, and 13.21% from the 360 search. So, do you think Baidu is the only way to get traffic,


this picture is a supplement to the previous picture. It is obvious that most of the PV of the website comes from the search of brand words and websites, so the power of brand words is infinite. Of course, the rate of traffic jump out of this way is also low (see below)

also has a problem with website operations. In fact, the website profit is not profitable, profit is how much, the most important thing is to see the location of the site. Positioning industry, positioning profit model, positioning and promotion methods. We should think more about the promotion methods for our own industry (analysis of age, occupation, product and so on). Instead of blindly emphasizing optimization or marketing.

when most people are entangled in the keywords ranking and marketing method (Baidu know) when, why don’t we act in a diametrically opposite way, establish our brand, publicize our domain name? (because we all feel very difficult, or that the chain domain name as the anchor text of the chain, in fact) this paper is composed of 1168 medical video investment network Xiaobian release, please indicate the source.

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