t’s time to revalue the market value of the rebate network

29 Jul 2017 admin

in recent days, in business, in addition to Ali listed on the news, the most notable is Japan’s largest online retailer with $1 billion acquisition of the nation’s largest rebate website Ebates news, this is enough to make the domestic market began to re-examine the rebate website market value.

Lotte $1 billion acquisition of the largest U.S. rebate website Ebates industry release good signal

rebate website is very popular in the world, the business model is very mature, Lotte $1 billion acquisition of Ebates is just a microcosm of the market heat. In China, there has been the development of rebate of website of business disputes, some cheating fraud Gang name rebate website under the banner of illegal fund-raising to users, so the rebate sites are often subjected to impact. In addition, the rebate site some small dragons and fishes jumbled together, the limited capacity of the revenue website set many cash rebate rules frequently and consumer friction, many problems appear frequently, the industry began to doubt the rebate websites as one falls, another rises.

in fact, in the domestic rebate type website although suffered some setbacks, but still continue to forward development, rebate network, return network, meters fold network has risen, has become a popular electricity supplier rebate website.

recently, almost at the same time, the rebate network and meters off the network has completed B round of financing, financing of $20 million and $30 million respectively, which indicates that the domestic capital market on the rebate website development is still confident, now by the signal effect of Rakuten’s $1 billion acquisition of Ebates, the rebate site will again become the capital market market darling.

domestic rebate network market value to be revalued

in doubt after the rebate as one falls, another rises, the domestic market ushered in the Lotte acquisition of the nation’s largest rebate website Ebates exciting news, this is also the time let us re understand the market value of the rebate website.

in fact, with the rapid development of the electricity supplier market, rebate network market scale is also growing, according to the nation’s largest rebate rebate network website disclosure of data, this year the turnover of more than 20 billion yuan, the commission income will be more than 1 billion 200 million yuan, than last year over 3 times. Considerable revenue capacity is the basis for good customer service, with the increasing scale, more and more users get promotion rebate network on the 2B side of the bargaining power, means that the rebate network has enough space to provide better services to the end of 2C, such as extraction rebate rebate network with no restrictions, small to 1 cents, no ceiling, can be extracted at any time, the consumers provide the greatest convenience.

in short, gradually expand the scale in electricity market environment, the rebate network market scale is increasing, and after scale promotion to get a stable living ability, which makes the rebate network can provide a better user experience for users behind a better user experience is to attract more new users. After a long period of repression

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