Twitter may be dying and the cause of death is the problem we all face

31 Jul 2017 admin


note: Twitter, the player out of the wall may have to run out of oil before we can use it. Twitter is dying not only in the company’s declining market capitalization, but also in October 14th, Twitter announced that it would cut 336 employees in the company wide, accounting for 8% of the total number of employees. Unless there is a magic bullet, Twitter’s doom seems to be out of the question. Recently, the former chief executive of Microsoft, billionaire Steve · Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) to buy a 4% stake in Twitter in the past few months, to promote the Twitter company’s share price rose nearly 5%, I do not know whether the last radiance of the setting sun.

This article from the article "Why

Medium Twitter s Dying" (And What You Can Learn From It) ", the author is Umair Haque, a consultant and writer from London, is also the author of Harvard Business Review, mainly focus on the twenty-first Century capital boom system research.

early this summer, I was in DuPont around the island. I think there’s something wrong with it. People are not so keen on Twitter as they used to be. Because I have a book before the deadline, so just to see carefully recorded the day after the meeting.

at the end of the summer, I stood in Madison square, feeling blue and feeling again that something was wrong with Twitter. At that time, Twitter felt like an abandoned bar…… People left early, hurried, disillusioned, and turned their eyes. I said to myself, maybe everyone is on vacation.

early autumn season, I love sitting in the cafe in London, bedevilment? Twitter has been filled with a dead-alive person graveyard! These are a dead-alive person in our mouth professionals, tweets forwarding reporter reporter…… Activist forwarding activist…… Economist forwarding economist…… Perhaps soon there will be a big battle among the professionals, but the fact is that no one cares, because the others seem to be in a hurry to leave.

What happened to

Twitter? Is that a mystery,




in order to understand what happened, let’s examine what does not happen, competition, and start talking about new start-ups. For the sudden decline of Twitter, some people think that the reason is very simple, is caused by inadequate use of people. But this amount is a soy sauce, can not be attributed to the real reason for the decline of Twitter all to it, but the greater reason is that it can not replace WeChat, but only supplement.


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