New webmaster how to choose your own web site program

31 Jul 2017 admin

1. if you want to do a personal blog published his articles in the photo above, so you can choose ASP, because ASP long time in these simple website function to improve more than PHP, and the ASP foundation is very easy to learn to read, as long as you can find find a better blog source to make their own blogs such as PJBLOG and Z-BLOG online.

2. if you just want to do Wangzhuan interested in advertising to earn money to a station, I think ASP is a good choice. Is ASP, with a short time; the two is the ASP ready source more than PHP, so you can choose.

3. if you want to do a website to introduce your company, school and so on, so I think the website or ASP. Good reasons as above. Because there is such a demand is not very high (if you feel a hacker to get your website, then you choose the JSP.).

4. if you want to site navigation, job recruitment site, and I still think ASP is better. Because of this ASP source code is very rich, just find you can find a lot, you can find your own right soon, soon to the station, ASP speed and security to cope with these types of websites enough.

5. if you want to do small and medium-sized trading network, medium-sized company network (related to the online sale of goods), I think PHP is good, fast enough, the function will, you don’t have to consider the scalability of PHP problem, because this station don’t use a.PHP priming CMS it is useful.

6., you want to make a dating site, chat website, advanced forum, PHP is a good choice, the most important thing is its function and speed greatly exceeds the ASP.

7., if you want to do software downloads, movie viewing, music listening, I think PHP, the source of these sites, though ASP is rich, PHP is more than.

in terms of functionality

8. if you want to be a novel network, pictures, news, I think PHP is better. Because the number of these sites are more information, space, database pressure, access is not good.MYSQL much better, if you use the MYSQL that is why not choose PHP? And in data acquisition speed of PHP is faster than ASP.

9., if you want to do enterprise systems and business systems, then use JSP,.

10., if you’re going to be a porn site, a hacker website, or some other illegal website, I’d advise you to invent a language yourself, that’s the safest.

conclusion: I think the webmaster is most concerned about what language is suitable for their own station, and not to learn what language to do their own station

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