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31 Jul 2017 admin

is written in the front

a few months ago, the team asked me to share it internally. The theme was how to search for information effectively. This is because the daily work, I often share some professional learning documents, and these documents are often very timely, in response to some of our own projects confused, so we will wonder how I find so professional and timely to reference.

some of these data come from web search, and some come from my personal database, which is categorized and easily searchable, so it can easily be turned out. So later, this sharing was expanded from search skills to skills in how to acquire and sort out information.

, which I thought was common sense, was well received after simple sharing. Encouraged, I also understand that not all people understand the importance of effective information collection and collation, and that not all have mastered effective methods and techniques. Therefore, sorting out the written works will do something to attract people’s attention.

1. Information collection and collation cycle diagram


, as shown in Figure 1, I think the information gathering and collation process will have three critical phases:

search: "finding information" – using various search channels to quickly find the exact information you need.

integration: "storing information" – simply speaking, is to customize the information you find into a personal database and store it in a place that you can easily access according to a custom theme.

order: "information" – simple integration without finishing, a long time will be a mess, so there will be a lot of people own hard disk database is full, every time I need what data, still need to search. On a regular basis integrated information (classified, to leave, fine, and search for the label, etc.) can significantly improve the efficiency of information search.

initially you need some motivation to try to start doing it, and once you’re interested in it and stick to it, it’s a habit and a part of you.

two. High efficiency search,

2.1 build your topic keywords

It’s an important step for

to build its own core word of concern.

nowadays, the amount of information we encounter has been rapidly increasing. The types and sources of information are diverse, and the updating speed of information is accelerating. Those who like to brush micro-blog know that once you get into micro-blog, you get into the world of countless messages and keywords, and from one message to another, it seems that time is consuming.

if we don’t have some subjects, it’s easy to get caught up in the ocean of information, while the other extreme is that two ears don’t smell out of the window, and worry that the information load is too big to go back

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