Webmaster’s sad perhaps this is growth

1 Aug 2017 admin

didn’t visit the Internet today and searched it easily. I even searched out the web interface and content I did 5 years ago and brought me to the ice age at once".

click on the list of friends on QQ, I met 4 years ago, a moderator on my forum, so that I am a little person is not the feeling of things, suddenly sad.

was sad not to lose these friends, nor to shut down the forum.

sad is the time, is the years, is this way, experience too much, these people and things in the past, I feel the time is flowing.

5 years, and I have done a few websites and forums, know too many friends and moderators, some become my iron buddies, talk about nothing and like-minded friends.

vaguely remember, how much sleep between, fighting in Internet cafes, updating content, and users and moderators discuss management, communication mind.

now, QQ no longer see their shadow, there is no mail in their mail, and only one or two often on-line friends, occasionally in a flash inside.

everything has changed, no longer go to Internet cafes, everything from the past have nothing, at least now become no longer go to Internet cafes, not for food and worry, but I do this help once in history helped me, especially with management forum and exchange of experience with my friends, how are you, 5 for years, perhaps in their respective life on the road is hard, I also like being mature, for their own life is a desperate rush.

now I do this website, and met some new webmaster friends, in the dead of night, I often think alone in the moonlight, about 3 years ago, 4 years ago, 5 years ago, even I did 6 years ago, a personal web page and website, and when I just graduated just to go through fire and water. When Shenzhen battles, a bunch of people and friends, often dark like tears, and is sad, I am a sentimental person, whether it belongs to perceptual weakness or advantages, I have him as pleased and moved, because at least I have thought.


brothers, this is life, perhaps 22 years old when we don’t have "Miss", but now I am 28 years old, 6 years with this piece of land in Shenzhen, no matter where I will, in my mind, always remember that once you accompany me to struggle and understanding who will miss and you together to keep tearing overnight, together with the organization activities, go out to play together..

life is doomed to have such a situation, let us meet, but also separated. Maybe this is growth,

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