nternet Security worrying analysis of factors affecting network security

2 Aug 2017 admin

this time, on the network security problems often occur, can not help but worry about the webmaster, the site was attacked by a will is? Although the Internet is not virtual real, but also need to ensure safety. Internet security problems in various forms, but each approach is not doomed, there is a very adult component.

is, first of all, an attack from hackers.

many domestic hackers to show off their ability, or vanity, or interests, put a lot of innocent sites as training places, any attack, regardless of the moral restraint, the normal operation of the Internet caused great disturbance. 19, the "network blocking" incident, that is, DNSPod suffered hacker attacks, resulting in storm video domain name resolution failure, telecom operators received a lot of abnormal requests server, causing network congestion. This is the hacker clear attack, causing great inconvenience to Internet users, the normal operation of the Internet caused a great impact. Network security, hackers need to "ah", let ordinary users do not attack website, do not affect the lives of Internet users.

followed by unfair competition from competitors.

26 Adsense network admin5.com news, "well-known bus website 8684 was hacked, so that the computer room paralysis", although hackers, but does not rule out malicious competition competitors. Bus station 8684 webmaster said, a week ago, the site began to be attacked, but only small-scale attacks, and then attack mode constantly strengthened, until the entire computer room paralysis. From monitoring traffic, the peak flow of attack reached 100M/ seconds. Visible, this is a hacker conscious behavior. 8684, the bus website is a very practical website, loved by the user, but also led to the envy of competitors, causing the site to be attacked. Industry competition is inevitable, but we should promote legitimate competition, strengthen the strength of the website itself, and improve the competitiveness of the website is the best policy. Any malicious competition should be condemned. Another news, "the best moment of the valley was unknown hacker CC attack", also shows that bad competition still exists, the Internet strongly calls for a good network environment, to resist unfair competition.

finally, the network software itself also has some defects.

some time ago on "Kabasiji false positives, Adsense statistics include Trojans" news, a lot of noise. Kabasiji false webmaster statistics cnzz website is linked to the horse, the presence of a virus that website, which has a great influence on the webmaster statistics network, many users can not access the cnzz on site traffic and brand image caused very big loss. Although the virus is smoke bombs, but also in the hearts of Internet users left a great deal of shadow, the impact of the webmaster statistics network is irreparable. We strongly request network security, but also need good software to guarantee. Antivirus software is the guardian of protecting users’ websites and computer security, but if you kill them >

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