For the first time experience the flow of blogs

3 Aug 2017 admin

said on the blog before listening to the master will bring a lot of traffic, also in Sina NetEase Baidu respectively opened a blog recently for the first time to enjoy the blog brings flow, the truth is the most effective Sina (my Sina blog address yesgao), it is quite clear from that traffic. The blog also initially opened for a long time but didn’t quite understand so to flow, then inadvertently see a cheat flow type, although this I really don’t agree, but I think it is ideas, we do not cheat flow, but in the cross link, write the title attractive, users interested in it naturally click. This effect is indeed very good, but also not a blog can do a lot throughout, otherwise it will reduce the objectivity of the blog, their website has included suggested content, attention is included the contents of my website at first because the net wealth of orange has not included the content sent to the blog go, and then quickly blog sites included, then the original nature is not mine. So we must pay attention to this problem.

increase on the blog exposure, there are a lot of, join the circle, and you write one or two heavyweight article is recommended to blog home page, in improving many blog exposure, you can try, finally again, if do blog promotion, suggestions or to focus more on sina. From Sina’s home page layout will be able to see, and its blog users quite a lot, and attention is also the highest, fame is very high, so as to produce more effect.

the net wealth of orange please indicate the source.

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