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3 Aug 2017 admin

in the twinkling of an eye, contact Wangzhuan is 2 months, 2 months, I learned a lot, in the field of network, I still feel quite talented, early know the day to earn 500. read to understand that a beginner from zero income earned 500. is about to reach 5 years of systematic learning when process is hold in the network for so many years pioneering ideas will join in it. Because Ma said, if you do not do e-commerce in 5 years, then you will certainly regret in the future.

first, I engaged in this aspect of the network learning is not completely in order to make money, just to get rid of their boring lonely situation, and I’m tired of this game and cannot do without the network to do Wangzhuan, already is a natural thing. From the beginning of the passion to the present stability, I just through the 2 months time, and also on the net to make a lot of benefits, this is what I did not expect. The network for many years do I have friends, what did not earn, and their website is also K and K, and I have a PR3 site for 2 months, for the novice, can not be said to be a success.


, I found this network more deeply will find their knowledge more and more superficial, more and more things can be learned, but a lot of things with our own knowledge level cannot fathom. Suddenly, I felt that my friends in the field of Internet were too few, too focused on their own affairs, but ignored the most important exchanges. When three men walk, there must be my division. Anyone who does the Internet can be my master. I can learn too much, and I am too autistic, almost into the misunderstanding.

I know there are a lot of experts on the A5, but also are helpful predecessors. Sometimes you see the article can make it clear to me, learned a lot of things, to make friends with you if it is a great blessing. My QQ:136659477, if the A5’s predecessors do not have to take a passionate little novice on the network to fly, please add me QQ, we study together, on the network broke out of our world.

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