Founder of college students net income of nearly ten thousandFifth horizon emergency notification

6 Aug 2017 admin

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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3 years ago I had 50 thousand dollars in satisfaction, put all sorts of things together from home, set foot on the journey to Beijing to start, at this time I full of longing for the future, and vowed not to make a lot of money will never go home.

I of 2009 officially launched, although only one to manage the entrepreneurial network, but I >

through their own unremitting efforts, their struggling small restaurant opened, but my shop business is not as good as I thought, on the contrary the business is quite cold, almost every day to make ends meet, seeing his heart a little loss, my heart pain unceasingly, every day I want to end their business at the store why so bad, I can not understand cudgel thinking. Every time when the family asked to call my situation, I always pretend that he is very good, the store business is good. As the business is bad, I had to insist that the original dream, now the feeling is so far away, as if it is your dream will never come true.

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I began to increasingly violent temper, I started drinking, drink a day completely drunken. As if every day is in the dream, the dream and reality, was in a daze. On a hot summer afternoon, I experienced as a century dream, I open my lazy eyes, eyes darted to a point and something unusual, find the original newspaper on the table has been piled up like a hill 100 boring life table, Nye continued, I look at the newspaper. A little corner of the news to attract my attention, "online business, a monthly income of nearly million". But the investment is not very high, I think I should like this everyday life like muddle along without any aim now, or should continue their entrepreneurial dreams at this time, my heart that little bit of ideal fire is burning, since I started my ideal way.

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I don’t have a computer, but he would not understand a little about online business, I told myself I can start from zero, and since then near my rented house in an Internet cafe, I am different from other geek, I went to Internet cafes to not play online games, but in a a belong to my dream, I dream of footsteps, I will spend 8~10 hours a day, sometimes not remember to eat, I will eat instant noodles box in the cafe, although very tired, but I feel very full, after school net about online business knowledge and I think I have enough ability to create their own business.

came to Beijing, when I saw the capital city of Beijing, I secretly determined to say, this land is my place to realize the ambition, but there is always a certain gap between the ideal and the reality, in this strange land, I suddenly unaccompanied, I began to feel frightened and lonely, but I told myself say, his entrepreneurial path is just beginning should not shrink.

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