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a year later, I completely lost the investment and repeatedly made a big apology to my boss, but my friend said, "never mind, this investment is only an experiment.". But my heart is clear, but also must keep in mind that although the friendship endures and become deeper in the process of cooperation, but increase business partner role in the role of friends, some commercial principles must be respected and obeyed, not that the investment is good, it is just a commercial exchange process is exchange of equal exchange process, sometimes the future earnings, sometimes is an exchange of confidence, like the credit card, the investor confidence in you is low, you are more difficult to obtain investment.

is Apple’s market capitalization exceeded $1 trillion mark, let more people see the real apple ecosystem ecosystem and profit Logic — depending on the success of iOS systems, iPhone, iPad, Mac to sell hardware, rather than hardware on the ecological deficit to make money so simple. In fact, apple is the source of most of the profits of all kinds of hardware, application store, iOS only for hardware service. Only such a foil, foil relative ecological system of other enterprises is more powerful.

relative to apple is still profitable by hardware, the domestic controversial object – music as it is not so lucky. He describes the ecosphere Empire, but increasingly become one after another only live in PPT in the "dream."". Again and again to evoke the excitement of the viewer, but never see the results, and even let the music itself into a loss can not extricate themselves……

I get the first investment in a city, is to train, I pretended to be relaxed to the boss friend that I have such a project, what has been, to what extent, the future will achieve what may get what, hope you can invest. After the friend listens, say, can, ah, no problem, go back to you implement this thing.

many people’s answer is: business model is good, product design and positioning, planning well. However, in this case there is no such reason, and even without the product, no company, no team, no plan, I’ve got the money

back to the subject.

why can I get an investment from this boss friend,

By iPhone, iPad,

, while many Internet companies in the country just learn from Apple’s business model of a fur, that apple is relying on ecological money. Even derived a very wonderful concept: lack of hardware, make money by ecology. In other words, relying on low-cost and even a lot of loss of hardware shipped, and then rely on the ecosystem built to make up for losses and profits. But it turns out to be just misplaced profit logic.

at that moment, I felt the beauty of the world, like in the clouds, but I still had to look relaxed, calm and actually tense to describe the business and the prospects.

to Mac hardware has earned bowl full body full of apples, to fully rely on a "mature" is not even in the future is not necessarily a mature business model, ecological model, now it seems that apple is not willing to. From the earnings ratio view, you can clearly see. At the beginning of May this year, Apple released 1, corresponding to the year 2 and March 2017 fiscal second quarter earnings. Apple’s total revenue reached $52 billion 900 million this quarter, but it was in the service business


someone would say, you know him. Although this is not the subject of this paper, I still got my novel, the actual meaning of the first investment is with the university dormitory friends to my home, but this investment is not a strict sense of investment, is said to be the family friendship sponsorship support, but in order to solve the basic living guarantee for the better development service. Entrepreneurs, you pay attention to, university students, dorm friends, etc., in many famous entrepreneurs, biographies often appear, one of the clever, do you understand,


once iPhone 8 listed, the industry predicts that Apple will become the first market capitalization of 1 trillion U.S. dollars mark the enterprise. In this trillion dollar market value, the hardware is still Apple’s largest source of income and pillar, "ecological gains" part of the poor. Apple pictures and invested billions of dollars to build huge ecological dream, not as Jobs was willing to become Apple’s revenue engine.

abandon dependence on existing patterns, turn to immature business models: This is a pseudo proposition

Author: Fan Sheng

misplaced profit logic: lack of hardware to make money by ecological


in the country, relying on the ecosystem to make money, is still not established. Look at the music has been built as an ecological model, and low-priced sales of various hardware, but in a tragic loss situation, you can understand. And no matter how it emphasizes hardware losses, hardware free, music as always will still be the hardware shipments as the most important thing. After all, without the hardware as a support, the ecosystem is out of the question. Unfortunately, as the music of its mobile phones, TVs and other hardware, but also can not become mainstream products.

this is a principle of first time to look for investment: as long as you succeed for the first time, after the investment as a shark when blood bees met flowers come naturally, but failed, the investment will go away from you, so, entrepreneurs, if you are the first to find the investment project, it must do the success of a project, but not a big project. Successful, investor confidence will continue to increase, there will be more unexpected opportunities; you fail, investor confidence will drop, this time you don’t have no chance, but you will not be able to see the opportunities. Life is long, but for the first time you fail, everyone will remember.

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