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6 Aug 2017 admin

, post, ask a question about GG advertising……

put the text chain and expect to change those points into RMB one day

take a risk, get some * * * * video……

I fuck, hanging advertising, Hang Hang what code, what money, registration fees, sms……

I fuck, flow how so big ah, is what ah…… Noisy…… May heart happy, staring red rabbit

finally, the most amazing thing is when you find the intersection of enthusiasm, ability and market, what I call "starting Golden Triangle". Here, your enthusiasm will drive you to understand what the market lacks

, but in reality, friends are less and less.

do is remain in a proper sphere, and so, no risk, only the transpersite, hotlinking little picture, not even

a little grief, a little crazy, not knowing why it is so little……

eyes, look at traffic statistics, click statistics…… Convert into RMB, RMB into house, car, beauty……

then, we must understand the boundary between the three circles.

have little effect…… It worked fine…… It’s KKKKKK!

big deal, people wrote to us, we honestly deleted, that is, look at popular search, put some hot articles, find a few

, do it honestly. Hang up the GG ad. Look at it three times a day. Now, there are a few knives. You’ll be nervous when you’re not careful,

in the lower left corner is "ability", is also the simplest ring. We have a lot of understanding of what we are capable of and not capable of. Ability is the most easily accessible, which most of the world’s skills, as long as we are willing to spend ten thousand hours to learn, although not necessarily able to become world champion, but as the 1% Top, or even Top 0.1%, is quite possible.

why can’t we? There is someone can not, this is life.

in the above is "warm", also is that we can continue to have interest, tirelessly, also want to do, or complete the task. Enthusiasm is the deep psychological need, sometimes it is not so obvious, must reach a certain thing for a period of time, we will find it very warmly – in the process of studying I hate writing. But in the past four years, I have found that writing blogs every day to share business and networking is a truly meaningful job for me.

for? What the hell is that for?
is not a network of wealth creation myth inspired us? Are we looking forward to the next one?
and patience, so bitter…… Do one’s best till one’s heart ceases to beat。
is too difficult…… The belly sometimes cooing, and the important thing is, you can’t find support, every day the cat is there, and suddenly you find

we often say that in the early days of entrepreneurship, the so-called "ignorance optimism" actually falls into the two blocks of "fantasy" and "hobby". A person is a hot person who sees opportunities in the market without realizing the power needed to pursue the opportunity. Another kind of person is very enthusiastic, with their very powerful technology in doing their own products, but did not recognize that it is not required by the market.

links, go to the forum, send a post, cheat point of view……

in appWorks, I often take this chart with entrepreneurs to explain "find Idea" heart method.


we have a lesson, so can’t do that.

There are more and more friends on What’s

is the "market" at last, which is what people are willing to pay you to do. For most people, the market is the least understood. There are thousands of industries in this world, each industry has different consumers and customers, and there are all kinds of Ming and Qing rules and rules that have been accumulated for thousands of years. The tastes and habits of consumers are constantly changing, the rules are changing, and the members of the industry are constantly changing, so the market is very, very difficult to grasp exactly.

network to make money, do not want, that is a fool!
up earlier than chicken, sleep later than a dog, eat worse than pig — a bit extreme, but the site who have not had this experience

quickly wrote to GG to admit his mistake and apologized thirty times. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it on purpose…… And then I want

first of all, enthusiasm often drives us to learn some skills, but if it doesn’t intersect the market, it’s just a hobby". Sometimes we have a lot of enthusiasm for certain business opportunities, but if that’s not what we can afford, it’s a fantasy at best". Finally, when there is one thing we can do well and the market is willing to pay us, though we are not super interested in it, it is still possible to become a career".

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