Golden Wangzhuan forum marketing three stepsThe NetEase plan to cut all wireless businesses is of li

7 Aug 2017 admin

‘s NetEase web site has virtually cancelled four channels of games, tours, campuses and health. The company says it is focused on developing core channels of information and commercial value". For once the wireless core business income, in fact the NetEase has been of little importance on a wireless industry last year, Ding Lei complained that due to swing, China Mobile and other operators strategy is uncertain, the business risk is too big

for example, Beijing 365 positioning "Beijing" consumption, life information website forum, then we should according to the characteristics of this forum, Beijing to promote the area in the implementation of marketing forum. This example is mainly to show that we must choose the right forum according to the characteristics of the website products, of course, this kind of forum is best to choose the kind of forum that can hit the target customers.

2: it is the main body of the post. It also expresses the message that the author wants to convey to people. So the quality of said post content directly decides whether readers will reply here, I want to emphasize is the post content, can be put in the title of controversial scene started to write in a post, the most important is to convey the products on the user’s importance or relevance. In reply to set the column in the best suspense, of course, the product information can also occur in reply, so the main task is to master the information of the product is clearly on the line, do not need to add too many product information, avoid too much because the empty language and cause netizens antipathetic.

post as a carrier of products, and depends on the title, and if the main thread posts the three parts are doing is particularly novel, perfect. The communication of information is very successful then. A perfect post has the following characteristics: it not only attracted a large number of Internet users click, also subtly convey information and other uses of the product, users read it later did not feel it AD,.

1 Title: the title is the soul of the article. A good title is half the battle. The key to the success of the post is that the title is not properly written, so it requires us to do a lot more work on the title. Increase the amount of reading.

if the post is issued, we don’t

The main purpose of the

In addition to the wireless business,

third. The timeliness of tracking posts

3 replies: when the Internet was the title, the main attraction, they will reply, this can also be understood as friends for the product of "subjective" comment, when we view the reply, that is the time of the authenticity of posts. If the product evaluation is too high, often will lead users to perceive the entire post of other intentions, and then will affect the whole product communication effect. So in written reply as possible as we take the method of divergent thinking, the use of diversionary tactics, further cover for product information, so that users do control in the minimum possible for this product may produce negative emotions.

yesterday, sources said that 163 wireless since September began by non renewal of contracts in the form of layoffs, recent cuts have accelerated, and may not be renewed before the Spring Festival next year any labor contract.

with NetEase on-line search engine NetEase, head of Ding Lei are also adjusted under the command of the original department, the latest news is that the main business of wireless NetEase may be abolished.

forum is usually going to touch it, and the forum for application in Wangzhuan is playing a role today, and we talk about the golden Wangzhuan forum marketing tips.

second. The content of the post is ingenious,

first. BBS and their products relative number into the seat that

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