Exit magic department store put out the arrogance of Yu Jiawen 90 after the trauma of entrepreneur

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Now most of the authors are

I didn’t know much about the website at that time. It was just an attempt to do it. station column classification is very complete, what expression, , Flash, , space code, skills are all got on. The content of the website is filled, I immediately wrote space code of the article to the eNet website, did not expect in the next few days, this article is crazy reproduced, website traffic in a month’s time to do more than 2000IP. These include sh419’s traffic and the amount of traffic imported by these articles, the proportion of which is not available. But back to the analysis, sh419’s traffic is also a lot, because the writing of those articles in the flow at the same time, but also increased a lot of the chain.

Gavin recognize counseling

in more than 100 days, less than half a year, the magical girl from the legendary legend to a disastrous decline, fell to the bottom of the valley, what happened in the middle?

, who has always supported Wang Kaixin’s angel investor, said Zhu Bo had given up the company after a series of negative news broke out at the magic department store and Wang Kaixin was completely deaf to advice.

yes, earning 800 knife. Maybe someone will say this is another title party, I admit. But I assure Chairman Mao that it’s all true. Then how did I get these 800 knives? Please listen to me from the beginning.

A good

this article will detail how one of my stations and two novel stations do the flow, where the maximum flow of stations is 5000+ IP, and the maximum traffic volume of the novel station is 25 thousand IP.

Although the

it broke the news, in mid September the magic department former employees who were forced to leave the company accounts; accounting from Wang Kai Xin, including private embezzlement amount up to 6 million yuan, only 800 thousand yuan at the end of September the company was transferred to Wang Kai Xin, private accounts to evade legal responsibility for the king fled to the United states……

more than two years ago, blew the cow, played, and apologized

?I chose the madness of

2 years ago, she was a high school student, a year ago, she dropped out of business, half a year ago, she attended the business reality show "I am a unicorn", successfully captured five capital to their investment, at this time, she has won 15 million of the financing.

is not all 90, are Yu Jiawen, Wang Kai, Xin

more than Zhou Hongyi and Dazui Zhang, Yu Jiawen repeatedly said "young enterprise is playing out, and Zhou Hongyi tried to refute. Finally, Yu Jiawen micro-blog responded that his own ignorance…… It is hype or reflection, don’t share exactly.

know a voice coming out on: This is just a girl being used, all speculation points to Wang Kai Xin, born 98 years, do not go to school, super young female entrepreneurs…… Like wearing red shoes, when she had been involved, and only the involuntarily with the melody jump, jump…… Law case a common thinking is: the most favorable outcome of who? Wang Kai Xin undulator ups and downs or more? Understand the pros and cons of the VC

high-profile, arrogant, not to the point "one hundred million profit to the employees, all have play attitude to start Yu Jiawen, the last choice is to apologize, the reason is not of this world cannot hold his" interesting ", but the business circle itself in the public nature, the interests of the people gathered in a group, which is" play "road.

from more than good to Wang Kai Xin, we can see that the media has been 90, but also disadvantages about "VCs using maximum" 90 characteristics "to speculation, but despite these flashy, there are actually more low-key 90 in the business.

station was built in 2006, when the domain name was chosen party.cn, this domain name does not matter. Many articles are domain name how important, but I think for our personal webmaster, just choose a good domain name has become, the important thing is how to keep the domain name, which is to do the weights of the domain name.

said his monthly income of thousands of tens of thousands, but the income is basically linked and flow site, and the webmaster most reluctant to say their flow is how to do it. I do stand time is estimated to have a full three years, which had spent less than 10, the highest flow of a station is 25 thousand IP, a minimum of only less than 2000IP, the expert over the webmaster, I’m just a rookie. Now I’m no longer a personal webmaster, I’m a programmer. Write out what I’ve done and expect to be a little helpful to all of you.

, a monthly income of 800 knife?

to second months, I found through traffic statistics, the site’s traffic is almost all space code column, it is worth noting that at that time space code has not been so fire. Then I made two special topics for space code, and wrote several articles to eNet, and by third months, the traffic was already <

in the past three years, and I do a dozen sites, but the real flow is a novel station and the station, including a military history of the site, do 2000IP. First said the station, station traffic, I rely on the soft Wen flow done.


is wearing red shoes magical girl

today, the flying girl in the wind has experienced lightning moving, illegal dismissal of employees, tax evasion and other scandals, the magic department store has stopped visiting.

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