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we choose a more average ticket type, 280 yuan type of ticket, only 500 medals can be exchanged. This means that without considering the invitation of the lower level, we need to invite 50 people to register successfully to get a ticket.

through shlf1314 AdWords background query, we found that Jay Chou concert tickets and other keywords, prices are very low, only 0.34 yuan per click, so this price is very low. Because the activity website request must be the Hefei area IP, and uses the Hefei handset verification, therefore we when do Adwords, must select Hefei area IP to be possible to display.

50 people registered to get a ticket, then the number of clicks to get the 50 conversion rate? In fact, for such a very popular concert, as long as our advertising language is attractive enough to write, as long as people open, will be registered, in order to active site there is no objection, we can do a temporary display page, for the promotion of the use of. The ads try to write as much as possible, such as free access to Jay Chou’s concert tickets and so on, and you can see the provocative words after opening

as a fourteen year career and foreign joint ventures, state-owned private enterprises individual through the circle of older drivers, very ashamed, I still don’t know how to tell the success, and the successful experience of this kind of thing, most opportune dictates, difficult to copy, and not talk talk, how will die faster. The project is not reliable, die quickly is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, time is the most expensive cost, we will put the dead series, called "early demise bounce back to the start.

September 26th will be held in Hefei Sports Center 2010 Jay Chou era, the organizer and co organizer of the high-profile Hefei ticket, a web site that is the concert exclusive website, the website of the 500 tickets out of high-profile activities, that is to participate in activities that can have a chance to win tickets to the Jay Chou concert.

today, talk about the low frequency and non standard requirements of the Internet, to die.

we all have this experience, is a commodity to buy a home, if not used, so when necessary, is basically two results: either you forget where, or you can forget you have the goods, and then to buy a. Of course, bulky goods do not exist and can not be found or forgotten. But if the bulky goods are not used frequently, the normal people will not buy them. There is a folk saying, "money does not buy half a year’s leisure", that is the reason.

how about this event? The website says that during the event, you can get a Jay medal by registering a website member and getting an invitation link and inviting a friend to sign up. Finally, the medal amount to a certain amount, you can exchange Jay Chou concert tickets. The credibility of the site in Hefei can also be, the credibility of the activities of higher. So, SEO, Hefei, studies the rules of activity.

what kind of life scene is high frequency? Common in life, summary, that is, "basic clothing, play."". It is easy to see, in these areas of social, tools, media, entertainment, electricity providers, O2O demand, respectively, gave birth to a considerable volume of giants. In other words, if you enter these areas, you may face a lot of competition pressure. Of course, there is also an entrepreneurial model, is rushing to be acquired by the giants, then you are on the giant’s track, and strive to do a good job stumbling block, but also good.

Jay Chou’s influence is beyond doubt. There are also many people on the Internet searching for tickets for Jay Chou. OK, that means it’s in the market. So we’re going to study how to get medals and get tickets.

outside the basic necessities of play, some of the direction can only be called high frequency or intermediate frequency, but compared to low-frequency, or >

, an Internet product, if the cut is low frequency of the product or service scene, even if you do everything possible to let the user to install your App, pay attention to your public number, when users have similar needs, most also want not to have you come.

speculates based on uncontrollable factors in the invitation process that most would only invite C, and that the invitation would end. So when we are calculating, we calculate only the single process of inviting A to B, and if the B still invites more next level, we might as well be surprised. Not at the start of the calculation.

in recent years, too many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are not enough. Especially in the field of Internet, BAT and TMD these enterprises serving and former employees also has hundreds of thousands of people around it, ran out of lectures of young people also There are plenty of people who. As long as you like, you can choose all kinds of online and offline courses, and learn half a year without serious repetition. As I have written before, no matter how hard you make your money, they make it anyway.

A, now we B, C, D, E to represent five people, assuming A successfully invited B to register the website, A can obtain 10 Medal Award, B invited C in addition to their own will get 10 medals in accordance with this rule, A can also get 6 medals from the reward. C invited D, A will receive 4 medal reward, D invited E, then A will receive 2 medals reward.

now everyone knows, do poineering work just need, do high-frequency. In fact, this sentence is a problem, because the demand for high-frequency natural is rigid; but the rigid demand is not necessarily high frequency, such as buying a house, marriage, ordinary people have enough strength, how many times in a lifetime?. Although just needed, the frequency is obviously very low.

since talk about Internet business, we should see, what kind of demand in reality, relatively easy internet.

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