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12 Aug 2017 admin

Three, filling the

site was included only keywords ranking, included is the foundation of the rankings, so included in the keyword ranking is a relationship to the foundation of the house. Here is the website just released it included screenshots:

, a site map, Ping Service, robots, operation

If you take the

unified on the URL should belong to the station optimization, don’t take the WWW jump to WWW, the index.php also jump to index.php without (this can choose to remove, the impact is not too large), put the site set to only URL (with a discuz program, on the altar as the home page then, fourm.php can also access the home page, so the need to deal with). These operations may involve the code changes, we can love Shanghai, the Internet has.

first point, because the website for the sake, and the modification of the problem. The domain name is just yesterday afternoon to resolve over. So the website is only yesterday afternoon released this morning, and then found the query has been collected. Here to talk about the author’s manipulation.

content and modify the

The The URL submissionThe

site collection mode to do content, without modification, in the love of Shanghai above is difficult to be included so fast (Google may) so here the author operation is the beginning of a collection of about 500 articles about all aspects of the changes, just modify the title, but also the appropriate contents the use of modified label (the default keyword label use can change with the original content). Try to collect the pure components down to 1 as the following.

is the use of the above three kinds of operating practices, the website has just released soon to be included in the. View a bit ordinary, but is out of practice, so we can refer to the operation. The DIY computer 贵族宝贝diypz贵族宝贝 feeds, please indicate the source


two, URL unified

operation for the purpose of introducing the spiders to crawl the content of the website, the website map produced can be placed in the robots.txt file. The second best robots.txt banned URL grab dynamic and does not need the document capture, in order to improve the website information is the number of grab. The Ping service with URL submission are to love Shanghai webmaster tools to operate, very simple. Result:

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