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12 Aug 2017 admin

is known to all, in domestic schools and enterprises are out of touch with. Shanghai dragon in the study above, the cooperation gave me another inspiration for this almost do not understand what people will not speak more professional what navigation labels like, starting with the phenomenon of Shanghai Longfeng influence from the most popular easy of.

is also the opportunity for cooperation to reason, I told a large class of the third grade school students contact, training with them. This class students are professional e-commerce, website construction of knowledge acquisition only stay in books of Shanghai dragon is strange. But they have knowledge of this desire, if everyone buy a space program to operate their own website, this practice in Shanghai dragon especially "website inside Kung Fu" on the effect will be more, but the majority of students are not realistic. However, not all Er Shanghai Longfeng need to build their own station in order to optimize the success, in the face of this class, I think from easy to complex, from the practical operation of slowly understanding of various elements, if 123 is from the website structure theory and so on a way to speak in the past, it is estimated that "training" greatly reduced.

link in others website is undoubtedly the most simple, easy to understand. Don’t need a website, will be as long as the Internet will operate.


chain belongs to the external factors that influence the Shanghai dragon, but in the affairs of Shanghai dragon in operation, basic work belongs to the Shanghai dragon, belongs to the controllable measurable chain is doing a good job, I put it down to the website inside Kung fu. Therefore, in this part I speak a day, but that’s only the chain blog, forum later, I share some experience.

The chain resources

blog search and management

as I do in the "internal website Kung Fu: on-line failure before preparing" continued down the content, should share website structure, all kinds of labels, content creation etc. belong to the site of the "house" of knowledge and experience. Many online series of articles are also followed each point from the opening station ready to site planning, positioning, keyword selection and content to zhanneishiwu to expand interpretation. The familiar with the web site of the Shanghai dragon promotion personnel is appropriate, but there are a lot of around us, not what the concept of Shanghai dragon website to tell friends, if the web site should be how to layout, should how to set up the leading voyage navigation, but in fact they contact on the website is only limited to browsing the web, entertainment and other aspects, structure etc., talked about the website don’t know; even if they are interested in network marketing, but the biggest problem is that in the short term, they wouldn’t have to build a website of your own, empty talk more about the mysterious mystery undoubtedly enlarged Shanghai dragon, operation is very low.

in China, the blog website in the last two or three years, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, beyond count. This and the Shanghai dragon hot >


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