Analysis on the local tourism website how to use love to write essays on that platform in Shanghai

12 Aug 2017 admin

second, editors should search has good positioning of the keywords and display related content that page in Shanghai love to know, these contents are correlation and good positioning of the word and pertinence, and each content is precious resource is very good, to avoid the editors in writing no embarrassed tourism the content of the site map, so I think this method is worth Edit >

, editor to position to write the

, for example: the author write when the original articles in to the Guizhou tourism website, the Guizhou tourism network optimization to some main word, such as today to write Guizhou tourist attractions, Guizhou tourism strategy, Guizhou tourism knowledge, that I will do good for the positioning of these words today to write the words, but these words are determined through the analysis can give me the website traffic, and very much by these words extended benefits.

first, editors to locate and ready to write, and the good positioning of the keywords are usually have close relationship with you to write the contents of the article, like most of the local tourism sites are mainly area plus travel Raiders, area name plus tourist attractions or is a journey agency and other words, and these words are the main editors of the optimization of the word, so in the premise of writing these words to a good location, but also to locate what can bring the flow of words to tourism website.

data show that the local tourism website mainly through tourist guide, tourist attractions, tourist information, tourist routes, tourist traffic information quiz to get traffic and orders, so it is a local tourism website theme that many local tourism management of the website is also very important because they know these. If the content is done, will bring a lot of traffic to the site and order transaction. The author is a tourist site in Guizhou, when tourism website editor of the original article also summarizes some experience, mainly from some kind of question and answer the third party platform for resources, and today it is love Shanghai know the platform, by the author of a local travel website with you is how to use love Shanghai knows the platform to write essays on the.

at present, summer has come to the people’s side, now many people want to go to the big city of the scenic area, is a good thing that can relax the pressure of work for tourists, but many tourists in order to save time and effort and most of the people love the sea through find some local online travel agency with the group, choose the tickets, attractions, especially this year 51 holiday travel agency website traffic security, it can be seen that the local tourism website on the Internet very promising. At present, many local travel travel sites are more important original content in the web site, especially some travel Raiders, travel information, so the editors and is a major task.

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two, in Shanghai know search words display related content


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