Why long time no update site snapshot

30 Aug 2017 admin

such as the title, I believe that many webmaster will encounter such problems, application domain, rent space deployment sites, and all are on schedule, full of confidence, a variety of excellent resources, the external in each big website chain chain are included, but their website nothing, no snapshot. By 0, Shanghai love search is not search, at this time, you may try other search engines, I tried the sougou search engine, has been found a snapshot, also included some links, Google search engine, Google search engine condition seems relatively low, basically on the site are of high quality material included.

but in contrast, Shanghai does not seem to love anything, love Shanghai spiders every day visit sites, but without anything. Remain perplexed despite much thought, just started doing a lot of the chain, the chain included a lot, but does not have any website included snapshot. So he began to doubt the site’s domain name is not too bad "record", the so-called "criminal record" is before your domain name is being used, but the man did not treat the domain name, bad behavior brush chain for example, this behavior will be sentenced to love Shanghai search engine this is illegal, illegal equivalent of your domain name was sentenced to death, no matter what are not included, so this link has been abandoned.

again ~ DNS only need to click on OK ~ so simple. But you also need to try whether you are about to register a domain.

you took over, do you think this name is very good, very suitable for the site, several efforts found that long time no snapshot, included. Now you know why your site long time no snapshot of it, chances are your website is K. The site is k is very serious, means love Shanghai search engine for your domain trust polar, even if your content is wonderful, included the possibility is very low, some people say. This can be restored, but for a start operation of the website, there is no doubt crowning calamity because your website, why? No traffic, no keywords, basically impossible except you IP to access the results, as can be imagined, for a long time, its own website KO. In my experience, this time I took 2 months to find the.

said my solution. My solution is to change the domain name. The other slowly love Shanghai on your domain name trust, this is not possible. Because you don’t have the chain, may not lead a lot of traffic to your website, your website popularity is not high. The direct exchange of domain name is the fastest, most efficient solution, because your domain name has been K so love Shanghai included basically nothing, without pity, even if other search engines have included, but the domestic PC search flow mostly by the search engine to find the love of Shanghai. So as a new best solution for you, and then registered a new domain name.

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