The website is not updated in a timely manner to realize the search engine friendly

30 Aug 2017 admin

I have been worried about, because this will not stop a few days, the ranking has been wasted,

second, the search engine may not observe the website is not updated in a timely manner such details.

function, entrust others to do so, at least one or two days.

but I wrote it myself, it is very simple, because I know the meaning of every line of code, moreover, this function, I used in other website wrote, is a

today, search, found writing software website ranking did not change obviously, there are two possibilities.

this paper to sketch the artifact writing software website (http:/>

this thing makes me think, $holder$, how to maintain continuous updates, how can in the search engine, every time to give him fresh content?

The original content of

achieve the function, operation, technology is very clear ideas, but would be more trouble, because other people also read my code.

I If the timing of the release of the

first, although the search engine recorded, but the ranking of the site is not updated in a timely manner, not shown in the rankings.


although the above process, but I guess, even if the search engine may not pay attention to the update of rules, but I will not be able to get that the search engine will ignore the content of the web site update is not stable.

, immediately went to the action, this time will have to feel that their programming is convenient.


a few days ago home something, so he left the job for a few days, writing software website, also stopped updating for several days.

some time ago updated very regularly, so in theory, the search engine will regularly come to visit my website.

I released in writing articles on software system, adding a timed release function.

did in the past, although the search engine will be recognized, but because these days not update, the update frequency will lead to unsatisfactory, resulting in writing software site is down right

but when the search engine several times after the discovery does not update, it is recorded.


think, find a solution.

sometimes, every day I will write two articles every day, sometimes I will write six articles, if every day when I write six articles, I can put the release date time one day in the future, as a result, even if one day, I forgot to post, because there are reserves, so when the search engine, will crawl to fresh content.

this is the benefits of timed release.

Since the thought of

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