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4 Sep 2017 admin

I work in Wuzhong garment school, the first two months I came in is the website of each site every two articles, to various forums, also don’t know oneself in doing what is the use of these, then I slowly understand these belong to the original chain and in the chain, the chain and the chain for the website ranking has a very important role. The Shanghai dragon really only these



landing page, page content and keywords you whether you promotion promotion is, don’t lose weight, is found out, you are fattening effect. And your page is bright, page difference, you can get the attention of others first attracted to you to recommend the place, these are Shanghai dragon to think, don’t think this is the art design page, you are only responsible for the release of information about what is more important, must not the blank, let the user feel you are not professional.

Design of

above is a little of my own opinion, the hope can give you some help.


As for the

website, if your content is healthy, whether your content is your audience want, if you frequent popups advertising, these are not what the user’s love.

Shanghai dragon, perhaps we all know to do Shanghai dragon, but how to do, a lot of people think that "content is king, the chain is king", but these people are very confused, I will tell you my story.


website, is your content whether when others want to leave a message to find a message place. Or whether it reminds in the pop-up windows before leaving it to fill in a.


website keyword distribution, site title writing, these are the need to refer to your opponent, find some core words of your own, and then put these words in accordance with the rules of pushing Shanghai Longfeng emissions into them, so good.


if you think Shanghai dragon just these, then you are completely mistaken, interactive content including Shanghai dragon, the design of the landing page, friendly web sites, the distribution of the web site keywords, site title, description and so on.


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