The blog of the chain of extensive group construction

4 Sep 2017 admin

Fourth step

second, which is the same grouping: blog blog

: (with specific operating practices can be combined with the resources and tools currently recommended free horse blog, if the money can choose the bugs blog)


blog the chain to form scale is not easy, blog is mainly included problems, and to support, is to update the blog from the long time, I have hundreds of blogs (Sina, love Shanghai, 163, Sohu, and etc.), included only a small part of it is have a headache, but can not give up, because the weight of the blog in general is still relatively high, much better than the forum signature, I think if the blog has been used, the corresponding sprocket to good use, we should optimize the site weighted overall weight is also very good. Here I talk about my own model, chain, each blog mutual interconnection, such as the Sina 1- Sina 2- Sina 3- Sina N..

1, if operating properly, the account is not easy to be K, compared with many other blog links are generally good (and finally, in each article can write a sentence: the recommended reading: and then take on some of your articles.

In fact,

blog chain

, registered a number of registration: every day, every day a large blog registered (I mentioned above), if not registered with a feeling, you can switch the IP, multiple rounds of registration. This lasted a week, almost the same.

inside a groupThird step The

before a lot of people have said what content is king, the chain for the emperor, the chain is very important, before also said many are where to find the chain every day, you are not willing to go to the hair of the chain, in fact, is the executive power, there is the continuous accumulation of experience, constantly improve the hair of the chain skill. Of course the chain is not very simple, if you are a chain, is not conducive to the website optimization, the Wuhan Shanghai dragon Zhao Xinyu combine their experience, to share experience (share of all dry cargo please look carefully Oh, shoes).

there are two distinct advantages: one down

2, help to improve the weight of the blog itself, you know this is the chain sprocket, the equivalent of the BSP blog, the chain do more, so the weight is better.


blog: ready for the original article or false original article, as for how to prepare? This is another topic, we again, then a packet of a packet is released, released after the release of the address to guide them, keep until tomorrow, "

The first step of

, a blog: this stage can publish some articles of no great importance (without a link), according to the blog, the blog to keep normal included so far. (this step is also a lot of people a headache, a lot of people skip this step)

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