Link analysis tools on the line the chain and the chain webmaster analysis easier

5 Sep 2017 admin

The original

address: 贵族宝贝qiuing Shanghai,贵族宝贝/yejiedongtai/169.html


in addition, the chain analysis tools had refused to manually submit the function of the chain, after the upgrade, the function is cancelled by automatic submission of love Shanghai. This function will stay open part of the webmaster to cancel the liberation of tens of thousands of the chain of garbage, and then a denial of distress.

is the biggest upgrade chain analysis aspect, remember to win before the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Webmaster Platform given the death or can not find the chain chain before the headache. The new chain analysis function can give a comprehensive explanation, fell in love with the sea except through the chain within the site that links, external links also found an important channel of death chain. Tools are given station chain chain and chain chain, into the chain, the definition of death is only the death of the agreement. The earliest data is June 30th, if the tool is only yesterday was on the line, why is the June 30th data, before the data is not the problem? I also love back to Shanghai Webmaster Platform, hope can be explained.

this morning login Webmaster Platform love Shanghai last night, the two update product dynamic discovery, the original chain analysis tools and finally upgrade and officially launched, the function increases and decreases. Upgrade, super chain algorithm chain reject function based on the original line, the definition of spam links, to expand the scope of the. That is to say before love Shanghai does not believe that is the chain link spam, after the upgrade may be defined as spam links. But at the same time, officials in Shanghai and outside the chain of love more clearly, love Shanghai is currently only very small trust within the scope of the high quality of the chain, as long as the site to obtain ultra chain can meet the needs of some important and basic content of related sites. At this point, the PC and the mobile terminal is interconnected. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform called for the webmaster, don’t waste time and money in the chain. It should be noted here that love Shanghai did not say the chain is not important, but the quality value chain. The chain can not only lead the spider, but also has the same calculation and transfer chain weight function.

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