Keywords Shanghai dragon core to capture the target users from different levels and angles

5 Sep 2017 admin

brand keywords can be understood as the circle flow of words. Not only is our own words, more important is the brand of others words. This seemingly immoral, but not illegal. Place the competitors in our own website brand word, can be very good for your import search traffic, as long as the rankings do good. When Mai Wenwen made Shanghai Longfeng, found that many sites have adopted the industry well-known brand word Shanghai Longfeng, and ranked by comparison, the biggest advantage is the use of the actual brand Shanghai dragon. This kind of word conversion rate is relatively high, only.

Key words: brand Keywords:


suitable for large companies or the hands of more resources to do the webmaster, although this kind of word conversion rate, but due to the traffic, if you can do the home page top, it must have a good income. In addition to effectively enhance the brand awareness is not to say, can also help many website to obtain a wide range of traffic flow with these to do publicity can increase the visibility of extra. Also, some pages to do advertising alliance, is not a small income. For example, mobile phone film, weight loss, all belonging to the public key.

type guide includes many Interjections and modifiers, the most common is the Taobao and B2C business on the site, there is a noticeable sell crazy, rob, seckill, Amoy, stock, hot, 0 yuan, genuine licensed, etc.. This kind of keywords the biggest role is to affect the user psychology, thus forming the purchase. This kind of keywords alone and not so good optimization effect, need some long tail word collocation can play the biggest effect. Many webmaster in their website prominently placed these contents, the effect is very good. We should also learn to use.

so so, mining is a very important work, but also a technical work. In general, the choice of keywords is equivalent to the market research, starting from the user’s needs and psychological, in the key words and thealternation, I have experience and summarize the following, to the way today and we do hope that we can benefit from the summary, also welcomed the exchange of.


public key words: suitable for brand

keyword is we do optimization of a concept often mentioned, but also the core of the optimization. It can be broadly understood as a way of marketing, we set the user favorite search words, then organized on their website, search engines use the user’s habits, the use of technology Shanghai Longfeng your site rankings, so as to guide customers to a marketing website. So different keywords, you can capture different target users. So we do Shanghai, we need a thorough to the user’s different points of interest and various product attributes fully tapped, so as to build a bridge, and ultimately bring benefits for the web site.

sales increase transformationKeywords Keywords large and medium-sized

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