How to increase website traffic to improve website ranking

5 Sep 2017 admin


overall, according to some successful cases and many webmasters summed up a wise remark of an experienced person, to increase the flow of the site to do the following work.

two is to be good in different platform to release the soft advertising. The popularity of the website by advertising brings, therefore, to as much as possible to take a variety of means to the Post Bar, blogs and forums to publicize the website article. Similarly, propaganda soft text writing to the novel, let people read the advertisement is not very clear at a glance, don’t want to watch it. Some websites copy the content of love other sites, this short term would have some effect, but the long term will be boring.

is to make your site more attractive. The first is the layout of the site, in general, the structure and distribution of contour should be simple and bright, key to highlight, this website can give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, users will be happy to see. Secondly, the website aims to clear, targeted. Experience shows that professional website is often higher than a hodgepodge of Web site more competitive. At the same time, the website update speed is faster, to have the law. Most of the search engines would be more optimistic about every day on time update, and innovative content, targeted and innovative website.

known to all love Shanghai, like today, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, xinhuanet贵族宝贝, etc., from the development of them, now many small website owners may find some increase in traffic and improve the ranking of the good experiences and practices. Similarly, the recent rise of the grassroots sites also have top secret weapon of its own development, worth summarizing.

three is to be good at multi site elsewhere leaving traces. Through the soft Wen, the website contains keywords is a very common method. This soft for the requirements are relatively high, the webmaster will have a number of network experience, can write the ideal effect of writers to create soft. Soft Wen written to targeted publicity, for some time, people with experience in >:

is who all understand, but how to increase your website traffic, but not very easy to do. Every day there are tens of thousands of websites, decline low flow in the die in the wandering, really can persist website is victory in the war of the traffic. Of course, these high flow is how to create, we need in-depth discussion and analysis. Since the development of the first generation network, the emergence of a large number of victory in the war in the network traffic website, today, they will undoubtedly become the mobile phone network.

for many webmaster, how to improve the site traffic is the biggest problem of the cudgel thinking every day. Because, site traffic is the basic data of a website, the largest standard is also the site of growth status, determines the site rankings. Of course, the website traffic more influence on the network is bigger, also will have more advertising revenue, in order to obtain more benefits.

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