UGC tourism website content Shanghai dragon strategy two user analysis

6 Sep 2017 admin

of course, these are just rough estimate accuracy, temporarily not to say, for the crowd positioning does not necessarily have much help, but to find some characteristics of people or more help.

Active We found that

1, self driving tour. The population is mainly composed of white-collar workers and management in the city at the weekend, they usually choose to tour around the city, traffic is dominated by own car or car rental, a few friends and family to find a mountain where there is water to eat live play, to change the environment, change a mood. Travel planning using hot belt travel this kind of crowd, key is to get a good tourist routes around the city is recommended, the best short short-term travel Raiders, for these people we need to do is focus on optimizing the content surrounding scenic tour price, and the Raiders line etc..

UGC content type tourism website in addition to the audit mechanism to improve the content of the website, avoid duplicate content release, good content relevance and guidance, through activities, prizes, points and other incentives users to publish more original content needs some mechanism, in fact we have a lot of work can help website content optimization.

The following


UGC content sites is a biggest problem is too dependent on the user, so users in the culture and the selection of high-quality users we have to work hard, especially in determining the site core user base, not eyebrows beard grabbed, to specific for a group of people to serve, for example knowledge and are expanding from the bean field conducted slowly.

, 7:3 and 20-40 are probably the proportion of men and women, between the groups can be accounted for the vast majority, because this part of the crowd is more contact with the network, but also have a certain economic base to travel.

also on the occupation and education data, we found that IT search and education groups more, IT may be because of work requirements, for example, one of my classmates as IBM database maintenance personnel, for a long time in the country to do a trapeze, leisure time have a lot of time to travel. The front also came to Wuhan two times, and the education sector teachers and students must be two occupation time sufficient, as we can see the distribution of education, higher education, the probability of using computer and Internet search more, travel search will certainly be on.

occupation and education distribution

give a simple example: "see population analysis and analyze some features of the search for the crowd to unilaterally the word through the love of Shanghai tourism index.

for the tourism travel crowd from a personal perspective to do a simple classification:

2, backpackers. These people really love to travel and tourism for specific planning their travel planner may use:

sex ratio and age distribution of


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