Easily lead to excessive site optimization in 4 aspects

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third: the use of lead and anchor text > error

keyword density end is how much, Gu Xuxu think, we should be based on the keyword density of our competitors to decide, for example, when our competitor’s keyword density in 3%, as long as we can achieve 3~4% comparison, to do so is to leave some room for yourself. If a competitor’s site keyword density 3% only after your site will be 9%, so if the rival keyword density increased to 8% when how should we do? We have to follow up with? Without words, will certainly be overtaken by competitors, with it, it is easy to receive the punishment of the search engine.

second high density lead to excessive

we are in the process of Web site optimization, a lot of the time too far, excessive optimization is easy to search engine punishment, the light is at the back, down the right site, while the site was K, no matter what kind of results are not what we want, today, Nanjing Shanghai dragon Gu Xuxu here with you. What are the

: the first title keywords accumulation leads to excessive

many people may say that many good ranking website keyword density is particularly high, love Shanghai top three keywords in the keyword density of more than some 9% websites, so their website why not been punished? Nanjing Shanghai dragon Gu Xuxu here to say, there is no exact argument over how much is said the search engine will give punishment, predecessors 2%~8% can only provide a reference for everyone, as long as our article within the normal range of grammar can be.

Then the

Title accumulation is a mistake most likely to make new friends, in order to enhance the site’s ranking, the accumulation of a large number of keywords in the title of the website, hate all know the keywords all put up. However, the page keyword can carry is certain, is not to say that the more the better keywords, under normal circumstances, the weight of the first page of the highest, 3~5 can carry a maximum of not more than 8 words, keywords, but the inside pages can contain only 1~2, most do not exceed 3.


website keyword density is one of the factors that affect the keywords ranking, is a lot of friends attention, however, the website keyword density must be within a reasonable range, is not to say that we must pursue a high density, the recent analysis of the website, found their keyword density reached more than 12%, in their paper, the average sentence will appear keywords, even one sentence the words several times, I do not know whether to bring them to the results, all I know is that their websites have unfortunately been punished search engine.

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