Add Links twelve notes

8 Sep 2017 admin

1, add the chain in a short time is not more better. Keep one day one. Too much will only allow search engines to pay attention to you. Finally you will K station. The chain on average, and quality is the most important.

3, Links exchange link text must draw with your site keywords.

8, a high standing of PR gives you a link to the home page. It looked like very good, but after a month it PR crazy drop, and you still linked with it. So you want to often check your Links.

through the exchange of Links, we can give their site visits effectively, through your Links click in user on your site, are interested in. So, Links role should not be overlooked. But we in exchange Links, should pay attention not to knowledge, introduce for you below:

must use site 2, to exchange for other Links: the other web site, check each other sites and Baidu is included in the noble baby. If not included. Please do not add to his Links. May this station is the search engine K. You add his link would have done it K..

4, a page up to 20 Links. If there are more. Do a more Links page links. Including do Links to you. Please do not link in more than 100 pages. This has no effect on your PR value promotion.

6, if the other sites give you the Links directory with the robots.txt. and Disallow:/ have Links directory name. Any other documents do not tell the spider on the Links index directory. Don’t tell the two sides to exchange Links. Check there is no robots.txt. other site with /robots.txt you can see. Without。 It shows that he didn’t define the robots.txt. that never mind.

7, there are many sites in " link pages " links.asp, links.cgi, links.htm, etc.. If the search engine to see this, not only may write it as a page link, are more likely to be neglected. So don’t exchange Links in this page.

9, link factory: if link factories, is to be search engine punishment. Not for a moment of ranking to sacrifice the future. Unworthy。 Like Hao123 this link factory not to add links.

5, if you Links page to each other on the framework IFRAME. Do not exchange with him Links. Because the search did not catch the contents in the IFRAME.

10, there are many sites and you are willing to pay claims "

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