Noble baby Shanghai Longfeng guide notes three

9 Sep 2017 admin

For example, when the

if you don’t want specific parts of your site to grab can be described in the file. If you use subdomains, and you don’t want to grab "located in subdomain, you must change the settings for the subdomain single robots.txt file.

nine, the effective use of robots.txt

ten, rel=" nofollow"

when you write references to a web site, but do not want their weight transfer in the past, you can also use nofollow.

bogey: allow web search results in similar pages crawled (a visitor doesn’t feel a series of results from search engine click enter another with a series of search results page has no meaning for them. ), allowing a large number of automatically generated or very similar pages crawled, allowing those produced by the providing agency services page crawl.

if a link "rel" attribute set to "nofollow" means to tell search engines not to follow the link to the page, not to transfer the weight of these pages. Such as: www.meikeda贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/" rel=" nofollow" > comment spammer rel= "nofollow" on the anchor tag can link.

following the "noble baby Shanghai Longfeng guide notes (a)", "noble baby Shanghai Longfeng guide notes (two)"

blog message function, you can use this way to prevent the transmission of their website weight to spam links in. Many blog software will automatically nofollow message, can also be set manually. If your website links to a website that is noble baby garbage, will affect the weight of their own website, so as to leave a message or similar plate setting verification code input or message monitoring, or set the nofollow property.

robots.txt is to save a file in the root directory, to tell whether the search engine can enter and crawl your site (or a specific part of the website).

"this guidance is not what tips can help you automatically improve the natural search rankings, but comply with this code can help the noble baby spiders better crawl and index."

; use caution;

there are other ways to ensure that your content does not appear in the search results, such as the robots meta tag to add "NOINDEX" or the use of ".Htaccess" file encryption more protection. Of course, can also be removed by the already crawling webmaster tools ".

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