Love is not terrible Amoy Shanghai K station should have a positive attitude towards the novice

9 Sep 2017 admin



I use is ZBLOG, now also earn money, although not much, but it is still worth celebrating, after all, I really do Taobao off for only two months, is a veteran in the novice. Do not laugh at the master. After all, much more than the novice master, suitable for novice friends. New Taobao customer is very important in the selection of products, not to choose those popular, such as weight loss, breast enhancement, do not want to, this site has a lot of home, and are very mature, if you do this step in that it is not equal to no good, we should choose those who are more popular. But to have search volume of products to do. As for what products to dig.

website here are ready, what are you waiting for, and the content of the website. To promote ah. Find Links ah. Go to the forum to lead the spider. Too many things to do, earn money is not easy. But anyway, this money will not be able to earn also expect a lot of money on the Internet? You will have to Many a little make a mickle., slowly laughs

love K station in Shanghai is not terrible, as long as you have the actual content, what is the actual content I will not say, API is a direct call to Taobao products, you know. The actual content of website has no reason not to love you love Shanghai. The reason I choose ZBLOG is the reason. DEDE is also good, the former is ASP, which is PHP, you tend to see what kind of program. Then is the domain name, if there is the old domain that is better, believe that friends stand the hands of some of the old domain name, can now be out of practice. No domain name to register a, ah, the other is not to say. The domain name space, the three indispensable program.

said the network to make money, I believe that Taobao is a lot of money off the first, I was a guest of the big family, is a cipher. The real Taobao guest or only a month, although has been in contact with the 09 year, but has not been well done station. Remember that a friend said to me, he was doing Taobao customers, said a lot of money, then I will learn from him through, he gave me a set of ASP API program. Thank him here. He is also revealed to me that this thing can make money. A little run.. To be

Taobao off mode, and I just started on the question, in the end what a good selection. Because I love Shanghai recently a large number of blocked API station, leading to other Amoy owners to choose other modes. And my friends station also is only a root hair fell in love with the altitude (left home). It is no other way, the answer is yes, I do not say we all know, now there are many webmaster guest choice, also do better, for the benefit of others, I will not say which. We can choose CMS or blog procedures, DEDE and Z-blog are a good choice. Of course, you should be familiar with HMTL.


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