The site after revision if the rapid search engines that do not fall into the sandbox

9 Sep 2017 admin

of all sorts of reasons, need second revision, and revision of no, suggest that you don’t go to frequent changes to the site, it is not good for search, but no way expected half-dead, rather than give his life a try it. Anyway, sooner or later the second revision of the

picture is not good, then write out, before the first website is 4 months, the website set up time is March 2014, the news show time is 2014 years, because of the need of business, so the news time in accordance with the original time, wholly intact move in the past. The miserable, no matter how to publicity, links, love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot update, is not included, regardless of the contents of the original, or not included in the test area, the forum, immediately included, but not included in the website, which lasted nearly 3 months, only included a home page. After 3 months to start slowly included, if it is acute stationmaster, estimated that the domain name is given up, in fact, if we come to the conclusion below according to the author to do, let love Shanghai enter the sandbox quick time shortened, fast included your site.

how to find the problem, this will be the second revision of

included love Shanghai

the key explanation, since GG left Shanghai, love is Daniel in Daniel, so most of the webmaster love Shanghai traffic is very considerable. Is divided into two steps, according to the time order of

The After the

, after many webmaster site preliminary site, after a stable, now that the website can not adapt to the requirements of their own, so start revision, the search engine results into the sandbox, a long time are not released, now the author’s own experience to give you the revision after revision about how to make search engines fast included.

site contains the long span of time (more than one year) here to explain why this span, such as your site is December 2014, the time is May 2015, so in accordance with a span years, not in accordance with the 6 months, why this is, everyone will read on see, the first revision of the above deficiency eat enough, now write out so that we don’t step on the heels of the author.

comes here compared to everyone see, love Shanghai site into the sandbox, stuck out. This is why this time span. Compared to that we have a question, why in the year to count, not by month to count, this estimate only know love Shanghai.


second revision is the radical revision, but the addition of the time for the replacement of all the latest time, of course, not all of the news add up, so the first day began to love Shanghai K the original included page, then included the new page, a week or so to the site included page almost K, the new page slowly came out, more than

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