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The author summarizes


Jingdong of Shanghai Longfeng mall is doing very well, the specific details of the operation may be unable to understand. I want to discuss today is the main commodity details page code, please see below:

page code, the code found from top to bottom is so arranged: the main navigation –> –> the name of commodity goods; introduces the relevant content (including the related assessment and recommend all the merchandise information) –> Classification (the product information extension) –> the bottom of the public information. This page the main information using the H1 tag display priority to search engine.

We look at the

you should see that the background color of a line of code, this is the title of the goods, please look at this line in front of the digital display, the number of lines of code 174th! In order to explain, please see this article friend open any product detail page of the Jingdong.

from: chain alliance, address: 贵族宝贝>


has a common sense in the Shanghai dragon industry, that is the search engine spiders crawling the order is from top to bottom, from left to right. This knowledge is set up, note that this order is for the Spider code, rather than the front display page content. In this paper the author of the Jingdong store merchandise with the page, to analyze the page code layout, mainly talk about the order of the code.

: ordinary users see the front page display, and the search engine to see is the source page. In order to increase friendly pages of search engines, we have to pay attention to the information in the page layout code sequence.

we have seen a background of that right, here is the name of the commodity, that is to say, the 881st page for the main information code! And in front of the more than 800 lines of code is public information such as the classification of such goods, and the related information rarely. How, this page is search engine friendly? The fact that the website ranking is very poor indeed.

We all know that

look at a common enterprise station product page code, as shown in figure

left is related to the classified information, the right is the bulk and other relevant information. OK, we’ll look at its source, there is no abnormal! Look at the display from the page to the front desk, in front of the relevant classification of the content of this one show in the commodity description information. But in the source, Jingdong to do a sequential processing.

from the ordinary viewer’s point of view, this page has what characteristics? The above is the main navigation is simple, then the information of goods, these are not the author to say. See below:


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