Seven effective keyword selection method

10 Sep 2017 admin

4, competitor analysis site keywords.

1, as much as possible examples with the website related keywords

, you enter a search box is the text, also is you ordered search engine to find something. Choose the right keywords is the webmaster do optimization at all. Keywords is so important, so how to choose the right keywords? I according to my experience of seven effective keyword selection method, the hope can give the new Adsense some inspiration.

There are many


keyword analysis tool, there are free and paid. We choose the key to fully make good use of these tools. As I mentioned earlier the love Shanghai love Shanghai index, and the Google Suggest (nobility baby this tool can tell you a series of Related words and their "much) and aristocratic baby Sandbox (which is used for advertisers in Google for advertising inside), the Yahoo also has free keyword selection tools for advertisers bidding there are many other uses, not here. The use of these keyword analysis tools, we can choose their own website keywords good required.

3, make full use of traffic Keywords

we do when the site will generally to the site to do the statistics, I often use CNZZ website statistical tools, of course there are many similar tools, you can freely choose according to the needs. In addition to see how much traffic to our site, more important is the website analysis every day from the search engine to visitors through what keywords to do, mining the long tail keywords is very helpful.

2, using statistical tools to find the keywords

each site must have a few keywords, some stations and even hundreds of thousands of words, we must first put the website of all possible keywords as much as possible list. Keywords listed, we should pay attention to the site with high correlation. List of keywords can be short or long, can search volume is big, also can search volume is small. Enumerate these keywords will be analyzed according to love Shanghai, love Shanghai index and some tools, and then establish a keyword.

keyword analysis tool.

some people may have doubts: all possible keywords are listed to spend a lot of time, it seems to have the necessary! I want to say is: it is necessary to enumerate all the work, we can better and more systematic comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the key words, emphasis and difficulty and choose which words should adhere to good, which can give up. For example: my professional network promotion website: www.uducn贵族宝贝, when the establishment of key words, I is the first list possible keywords, and then carefully analyzed the difficulty and the size of the flow, and finally to determine the level of degree of difficulty of four key words.

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