Shanghai Longfeng application summary website construction process

10 Sep 2017 admin

2, website keyword suggestions

in the chain to the chain is the number of the corresponding control. 1 to 3 key chain selecting numbers in general, at the same time to ensure that the correlation between the links to be high, try to ensure that no malicious stack link phenomenon, in order to reflect the value of "Guan Jian" get a better search engine rankings in normally use "top way to complete.

Guan Jian words suggested: first, the relevance of keywords and search density; second; Guan Jian words in lead climbing search frequency in the search; third key words: competition.

4, the website construction


site link building

The construction of

(2) key words should be representative and highlight some of the keyword appears position is best in the first sentence, before a lot of people love to add keywords black, change color, now although this method is not very useful, but it can be bold.

website promotion is very important for web site design, the main function is to complete the construction of website information dissemination and collection. With the development of the information era, the establishment of the website is more and more, which makes the promotion of the website is becoming more and more difficult, so for a web designer, at the completion of construction site design at the same time, to be able to make their own can have a special advantage to become prominent in many of the same line of competition. Shanghai Longfeng is mainly through the specific technology to optimize the user’s web page keywords, reasonable arrangement and distribution of users of the site, make the site structure clear and so on, so that the users of the site can be included in the mainstream search engine, and get better ranking.

: relative to the construction of the chain in the construction of the chain. The construction of the chain is relatively simple, Links. Soft links and method forum to promote them to choose the site to provide the corresponding import links. In the completion of the construction of the Links, general designer will link Everfast as keywords web links. In the process of building Links’s quality is the key, "the quality of the chain will be extended to the corresponding Links website has a very important influence.

(1) keyword density problem. In this paper, the high density of Guan Jian’s Ci in the overall search is extremely unfavorable, if the search engine judgment of the Guan Jian words in the search process will lead to the high density of the accumulation of Guan Jian’s Ci, which may affect the site’s ranking in search engines. General keyword density in two percent to eight percent is more appropriate.

1, web site keywords

now cited in some search strategy, using the frequency of Baidu is relatively large, according to the survey available, "whether the dynamic search for lead climbing search results of the impact is not great, but on the other hand, dynamic website.

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