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11 Sep 2017 admin

Ma Tinghang, the easy network chief strategy officer, he has 12 years of experience in the Internet industry and network marketing experience in senior management in any Alibaba, SHOPEX and other duties, with in-depth research and exploration for search engine marketing. As the first guests to share him from the enterprise to carry out the search marketing about the status quo, analyses the factors of marketing search marketing effect, and combining with the characteristics of mobile search and social media to conduct trend analysis and judgement, won the applause of the guests.

Ma Zong believes that the search engine marketing has already entered the era of "ecological era", emphasizes the harmony of content and natural texture optimization. Therefore Shanghai Longfeng marketing thinking and management becomes more and more important additional.

in the salon, he also shared how to brand and sales of these two different marketing purposes, to develop a more reasonable KPI, and in the search engine of Shanghai dragon key role in marketing strategy and implementation.

the afternoon of April 20th, jointly organized by the network and marketing network to the theme of "new search marketing" salon held in Lujiazui is located in the high-end clubs. Although the day amidst the rain, but the novel theme and heavyweight guests to share or attract from Ping An Group, McDonald’s, toysrus, dream bazaar, donkey mother, Eral, Yan Bo diamond and other famous enterprises of more than 40 people in the market.

Sun Bo, the incumbent ctrip贵族宝贝 search sales department director, 04 years to join the Internet and search marketing influential man, nature and the development trend of search marketing and marketing strategy, optimization of large Internet platform of different media marketing, has a unique solution. As the salon invited guests, he talked about from the main search platform, and focus on enterprise search and how to find suppliers of outsourcing Department >

search marketing how to do to be more effective? We should establish and perfect the website analysis system, accurate tracking of the marketing effect as well as specific sources, and on this basis, constantly adjust and improve the search marketing strategy; secondly, in the implementation process, should be the organic combination of SEM and Shanghai dragon. For example: the SEM quick ROI test, combined with the Shanghai dragon strategies to reduce the overall advertising budget. Search marketing is one of the most cost-effective way of marketing in Internet marketing can not only reflected in the brand oriented, and can be transformed into good sales, so the big SEM marketing must be combined with a good grasp of the SEM and the Shanghai dragon.

for enterprise marketing, search engine has become an indispensable marketing platform. Into the digital age, the search platform has a new change, search technology is facing new innovation, social media, mobile Internet, e-commerce and other new media new formats for market development, people need to be aware of these changes in a timely manner so as to develop more effective marketing strategies.

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