Mao Hongliang the Shanghai dragon website love Shanghai or will be identified as cheating

12 Sep 2017 admin

For example:

we know from the mouth to Wang Zhan, Shanghai dragon company to search engine algorithm help website optimization, these companies often practice "search engine cheating", and this is the search engine ‘natural enemies’, if convicted of cheating, ranking will continue. As usual, the website ranking will never be restored, but if not, Shanghai will give love a chance." Many of our webmaster to Shanghai dragon feel very mysterious, wanted to go to study in Shanghai dragon. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon harm how much? Here we should correctly treat the Shanghai dragon! Don’t be confused by the so-called Shanghai dragon. So we must understand the Shanghai dragon took what means, what technology to those who do not do those.

some owners develop a love Shanghai space, starting with the link, love Shanghai included a very friendly, weight up, began experimenting with a link to the article, then found the love Shanghai space update did not before! This is because love hate sea as a result of the external links so! And in the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng in er industry celebrities Mr. Mao Hongliang, he believes that we try to write soft article promotion chain do promotion, not mass published outside the chain, the chain should be gradual. Don’t let your web site outside of the chain more than your site included the number of timing! Webmaster writing soft is a good habit should be maintained, can’t write soft Wen webmaster, should learn more, more experienced, who are not born talent.

is a website done Shanghai Longfeng, open the site look to know, first look at the website, website navigation, pictures of ALT tag description etc.. Site navigation is the site of the soul, you look at the main promotion what domain name should, if you push the main domain name with WWW, recommend the use of absolute path. ZhengZhan navigation is coupled with the WWW website, this search engine will be.

link group, a promotion articles to promote the use of automatic software group, the article links all point to a web site, such even if the chain is love Shanghai included, but also to carry out the audit. Love the sea in their products with links to his review, you know love in Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar, love Shanghai encyclopedia article links with the words, he is first reviewed, or with links to articles deleted! So not love the products of Shanghai, fell in love with the sea more strictly link review

love Shanghai vice president Wang Zhan yesterday to the CCTV financial channel "economic information network" column published views, he said Shanghai commercial promotion system and natural search system is two sets of systems are completely independent, if a site has been excluded from the search results, if the two main reasons. One is the search engine ranking algorithm is updated, the search results will also be the site optimization; take the way of trying to improve rankings or cheating by the Shanghai dragon company deceived. He also believes that the site had the Shanghai dragon may be identified as cheating sites.


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